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Championship Pool is a pool simulation game from Bitmasters released on the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis and Nintendo Game Boy.

It features multiple variants of the popular table game, including: Eight ball, nine ball, three ball, ten ball, fifteen ball, rotation and speed pool. There's also modes for party play, for up to eight players, and a single-player tournament against tough CPU opponents. A freestyle mode allows the player to practice to their heart's content. The player can also change their vantage point, showing the table from a top-down view, a zoomed in top-down view and a view from the side of the table.

The game was officially licensed by the Billiard Congress of America. It was released in Japan as Super Billiard.

Critical Reception

When the SNES version was released in 1993, Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the review scores of 8,8,7,7 and 7 out of ten. Mike Weigand wrote, "Yes, it is a video game version of pool. What's even more odd is that it plays like the real thing! Many great options here (like perspective shifts) make this come alive! Some of the options could be eliminated though".


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