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    A character in the game Planescape: Torment, he is a gigantic iron golem living in a siege tower in the middle of Sigil, who forges weaponry for the armies of chaos in the endless Blood War.

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    Coaxmetal can forge various items for the player ( The Nameless One)  including the Blade of the Immortal, a dagger capable of killing even that which cannot be killed, and necessary to obtain one of the game's many endings. He can also forge other non-plot-related items and weaponry. These are available in his store, though certain conditions must be met for the items to appear. For instance, the Runeblade is only available if The Nameless One is specialized as a mage.   
    Towards the end of the game, the player can elect to free Coaxmetal by giving him the Modron Cube, a object capable of opening a portal to Mechanus, the plane of order. 


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