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A CCS class cruiser, The Truth and Reconciliation
A CCS class cruiser, The Truth and Reconciliation
The CCS-class Battlecruiser is a warship used by the Covenant Navy during the Human-Covenant War . Although significantly smaller than the assault carrier, they nevertheless form the backbone of the Covenant fleet. Larger than most human warships and carrying both plasma torpedoes and pulse laser turrets, they are one of the most commonly featured ships in the Halo franchise. Some of the most notable ships of this class are the 'Truth and Reconciliation' and the 'Purity of Spirit'. They are also seen glassing Voi in an attempt to stop the Flood infestation from spreading further. Like all the other covenant ships, they are capable of ground combat as they carry thousands of infantry along with hundreds of support vehicles.


Bridge/control room
The Bridge
The Bridge

 As in all the Covenant vessels, the Bridge is located at the midsection of the ship, protected by armor and shields. There is a control platform in the centre of the room for fire control, navigation and sensors; this section is known as the Combat Information Center. The layout of the bridge is laid out so that Ship Master is on a platform giving him a view of everything around him.  In front of that is a large holographic screen that is used for navigation purposes. Security is usually the responsibility of a pair of hunters.


Hangar Bay
Hangar Bay
Hangar/Shuttle bay

 There are four hangars on board CCS-class ships; two on the portside and two on the starboard. These are each split into three tiers and each of those carry dropships and fighters. A plasma-based magnetic containment field takes the place of the hangar door in human aircraft hangars.  This field can be opened by a control panel, thereby allowing smaller crafts to enter and leave.   The general complement of support vehicles included on board CCS-class ships includes Ghosts, Banshees, Wraiths, Phantoms and Seraphs.



Technical Specifications

Length - 1,782.2 meters (5,847.1 feet)

Width  - 861.7 meters (2,827.1 feet)

Height/depth - 230.8 meters (757.2 feet)

Slipspace velocity- Faster than 3.2 light-years per hour

Hull strength- Strong enough to withstand 2 or 3 MAC shells

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