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    Coyori is the mostly human with a tail, waitress-like fighter of the Battle Fantasia RPG fighting game. She is the poster girl of the Coyori Café.

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    Coyori has a lot of special moves which cancel into each other in specific orders.

    Move List

    Special Moves

    • Tea is Ready - 236AC
    • First Tea - A (during Tea is Ready)
    • Second Tea - 6A (during First Tea)
    • Lukewarm Tea - 6B (during Tea is Ready)
    • Dart Attack - B (hold) (during First Tea or Second Tea)
    • Gratuity Please! - C (hold) (during First Tea, Second Tea or Dart Attack)
    • Bitter Tea - D (hold) (during First Tea, Second Tea or Dart Attack)
    • Cat Windhill - 623BD
    • Duster Attack - D, then 2BD (during Cat Windhill)

    Super Special Moves

    • Crazy Cat Dance - 236236AC
    • Cat Storm - 236236BD (mashing the buttons increases the number of hits)

    Personal Moves

    Aerial Dash - 66 (in midair)


    Throughout the story she states that she was once a cat but changed herself into a human to repay the woman who rescued her. During her story she is perusing a goblin who left her restaurant without paying.


    Age: 19 (In human years)


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