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    Creepy Castle

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Q2 1991

    Side-scroller black and white beat-em-up for Macintosh. Hero walks left to right beating up monsters like werewolves and frankenstien.

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    Years ago, a mad doctor and his crew of classic movie monsters moved into the aptly named "Creepy Castle". He has kidnapped a helpless girl and it's up to you to rescue her. 
    Creepy Castle is a one player side-scroller beat-em-up that takes inspiration of other classic games of the same genre during that time. Players moved left to right, punching and kicking all manner of creatures that would impede their progress. There's an emphasis of weapon combat, as characters can pick up various level-specific items like stakes that can be thrown and kill vampires.  
    Fighting actions and being physically attacked deplete health. The control scheme tries to emulate that of a game controller, arrow keys control the players movement while specific keys on the number-pad control fighting, picking up items, and using items.
    From the main menu four levels can be selected:

    The Woods

    Level consists of wolves and werewolves.

    The Graveyard

    Fights against spiders, skeletons and zombies.

    The Castle

    Fights against bats and vampires. Certain bats actually transform into vampires.

    The Dungeon

    Final level consists of Frankenstien monsters that both mimic classic Fankenstien design, but also a monster that resembles Bride of Frankenstien. 

    Final Notes

    While each level can be accessed at any time, to beat the games final boss you must complete each level's end boss. Only then can the final boss be vanquished. 
    Game exhibits excellent animation for it's time. The game opens with someone singing the name of the game. Certain monsters are clearly recreations of classic movie monsters, such as Bride of Frankenstien.

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