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Crime Cities is a game released for Windows PCs by Eon Digital. The game is set in a near-future world, where the lines between law and lawless have been blurred to the point where law no longer exists. Across this futuristic world, people are wondering who is orchestrating the crime across the city? The only way for the remaining authority to discover this is undercover, working in the Synclide criminal organisation. 


A mysterious group known as the Human Federation decide to frame one of their own men for treason. This man is Garm Tiger, and he is sentenced to spend the rest of his life in a prison city on the planet. However, the Human Federation have their reasoning for this movement. Once Garm is inside the prison facility, he is encouraged to become a mercenary - exactly what the Human Federation need to ensure he infiltrates the Synclides.

The game begins with Garm having a small amount of money in his bank account, and a spaceship designed for combat. His ship is small and manouverable, and can be upgraded by players after successfully completing missions. As you travel around the world, Garm will be offered contracts for different groups across the city, and you may choose to accept these contracts or decline them. Missions can originate from many different factions operating in the city, and decisions undertaken can alter the outcome of the story. For example, blowing away a member of a group you're trying to be friendly with for their rivals is a great way to lose friendship quickly.

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