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    Daimonin is a 2D isometric fantasy MORPG featuring an extensive world to explore and a friendly community.

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    Daimonin is a free isometric MORPG in which players join together to explore and battle against the game's main antagonist, Moroch. Players must collect a variety of spells, skills, and equipment to become more powerful in combat.

    The game features PvP, an intuitive group play system, advanced monster AI, and a vast gameworld to explore. Because the game is open-source, players can submit code patches or create maps, art, and music to be included in the game. Interested players are given access to a server dedicated to testing player-created content and their content may be added to the main server after review.



    The gameplay of Daimonin is primarily combat-oriented, stemming from its ancestry in hack'n'slash games. It uses the standard 3 modes of combat: melee, magic/prayer, and ranged attacks. Players can choose to use multiple combat modes to perform more advanced combat.


    Melee combat in Daimonin is based on the player's weapon skill level and their equipment. Melee attacks are dealt after each cycle of the action timer, so the player needs only to target an adjacent enemy to attack it with melee weapons or hand-to-hand. Melee users can use any type of armor, but generally prefer heavy, defensive armor.


    Players can use magic spells in the form of buffs or directional bullets, bolts, or Area of Effect attacks. The player can cast in any of the 8 directions to direct a directional attack. Magic is governed by the player's Mana, so the player can only use magic until they run out of Mana. Magic combat is enhanced by using lightweight equipment which allows the player greater movement speeds and dodging ability.


    Prayers are similar to magic in how they are used, but differ in that they rely on the player's attunement to their chosen god, and are governed by the player's Grace instead of Mana. Prayers focus on buffs, heals, and minor directional bullet attacks. Prayer users tend to prefer armor which brings them closer to their deity while providing a moderate amount of physical defense.


    Ranged combat allows the player to use archery or throwing weapons to attack enemies from afar. Projectiles can be fired in any of the 8 directions and continue traveling until they hit something or run out of height. Ranged combat users tend to prefer mid-weight gear which enhances the damage dealt with their weapons.

    World Design

    The Daimonin game world is divided into several different planes. Each plane is physically separated from the others and requires teleportation to access. Some planes can be large, with numerous dungeons and cities throughout it. Others may contain only a single dungeon. Each plane has its own background, climate, and adventures.


    The game is still under development by a small team of hobbyists. It has been in development since 2001 when it forked from its parent game, Crossfire. Over the years, a wide variety of developers have contributed their ideas and skills to the project. It has been open-source from the beginning.

    The external mapmaker program, Gridarta, was developed for use in Daimonin and has split to make maps for other games as well. It boasts an easy-to-use interface and has a wide variety of objects to place in Daimonin's maps. It comes with many built-in tools to make content creation easy and enjoyable.

    The game also features a built-in Lua engine designed to run scripts attached to various game objects. The interface allows content creators flexibility in customizing object behaviors, enemy AI, and quest development.


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