Looks like the initial concept got revived

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Apparently it's made by many of the original team and the music is even the same composer. Looks nice even if the trailer tells you very little.

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Very interesting. I ended up really enjoying Dark Sector and would've been fine with a straight up sequel, but if the creators feel strongly enough about their original concept to go through with it, then that makes it seem promising. I'm glad to see the familiar suit design, I hope that's kept for the final product so it still has some connection to the original game. Overall, this is really exciting news.

EDIT: Oh, it's a free to play pc multiplayer shooter. It'll be disappointing if it doesn't make it to consoles.

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According to one of the comments on Gametrailers, it's a free-to-play co-op shooter. So no, actually, it looks like the original concept for Dark Sector didn't get revived in spite of the art style being pretty similar.

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