Boatloads of PC Issues... ? (Spoilers)

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Alright, we'll get right to the point. I finished Darksiders II once, it took about twenty hours, and it's a good game. However, during that time...

  • I couldn't complete two sidequests as they straight up bugged out. The bridge wouldn't lower in the Scar dungeon, breaking it, and another quest had me kill 10 trapped angels... but only 9 of the kills counted, leaving me permanently 1 short.
  • Sound channels repeatedly stopped during the game, both in and out of cutscenes. Several scenes went with no voice clips at all.
  • Some cutscenes ended suddenly without my input in the controller, mouse, or keyboard. So I ended up missing some story stuff quite randomly. Due to autosave, it was impossible to go back to see what (if anything) happened.
  • At least two boss battles totally screwed up as I finished them, causing the camera to just lock in weird places while sounds played offscreen and the animations completed themselves.
  • There were a couple occasions where battle music refused to stop playing after fights had ended, and would just loop forever (even over cutscenes) until I restarted the game.
  • The in-game menu hardlocked upon exiting at least three times, and I got one BSOD out of nowhere which was also seemingly menu related.
  • At another point, deep in the time-consuming depths of the Soul Arbiter's Maze, I used the Steam overlay's browser. After closing it, the game was still running but Death refused to move, effectively frozen in place. Had to restart.
  • After twenty waves of the Crucible, I chose to get a reward instead of going onwards. Nothing came out of the chest. I dunno if that was supposed to happen, but I didn't bother with the Crucible afterwards.
  • Finally, although well known, the Vsync graphic option doesn't seem to work when enabled in-game. So I ended up getting a lot of screen tearing.

I'm just wondering, was the game this busted for anybody else on GiantBomb? If so, did you find work-arounds or solutions to any of the issues you encountered?

I ask because, while I want to jump right into another playthrough on New Game+, I won't if frustrating issues like these consistently happen again. I played on a computer well beyond the minimum specs of the game, on a fresh install of Windows 7 less than a week old, and I used an Xbox 360 controller while playing. I also hooked up my video card to a TV via HDMI cable and used that as my output device. In all reality I'll probably just wait for a patch, or three, but it's a shame since I really enjoyed the actual game when it was working.

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#2 Posted by Marz (6072 posts) -

i've played about 40 hours, no issues other than Vsync being broken and a random Crash to Desktop when i alt tabbed out of the game.

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#3 Posted by Justin258 (14901 posts) -

...I'm going to buy this game at a later date. A lot of complaint threads popping up.

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I had the battle music thing happen to me. You can force vsync through Nvidia control panel(or CCC if you have ATI). Gets rid of tearing.

I have one where the green lights that open doors don't always work on the first try. I have to keep moving the thing back and forth and eventually it'll work. I also used to have a bug that backing out of a menu would sometimes bring me to a grey screen and I'd have to restart the game. I've played 15 hours now and it hasn't happened for the last 11. It happened a ton in the first 4 hours though. There was a patch shortly after the game came out so maybe they fixed it.

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Nope nowhere near as busted for me.

I had one main issue at the end of the first world in that exiting the Crucible instantly started the Tree of Life scene then crashed after it. Aside from that a few crashes but those only happened during hundreds of Alt-Tabs (while looking up some relics/tomes locations), so totally not an issue in my mind.

Most of the way through newgame+ too.

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My only issue on PC is that the targeting reticle is off so you have to aim up and to the left. Not game breaking since it changes color when its aimed right, but annoying.

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#7 Posted by D_W (1767 posts) -

I've not had any of those problems fortunately. Though I did just find out that when using a gamepad the map screen has the wrong input for view the world map. It's L3 but says it's "A." That made me think it was just bugged out the whole time.

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I've had only two similar issues, the one with battle BGM playing during cut scenes (happened only once) and the sounds being totally messed up which happened only one and I just had to restart my computer. And I also had a similar experience with the reward from the crucible wave 20, yielding absolutely nothing.

The one bug that i thought was quite funny was one where I had a pistol whipped out and fell onto a beam, somehow that froze the animation into a crouching stance, hovering over the beam with the gun drawn. Had to restart the game.

Other than those I've had a very smooth and awesome experience (30 hours in). Nothing game breaking or numerous as yours.

Oh and also when using an xbox controller the mapping for overworld map is wrong. Its L3 not A.

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Yep, I've had a lot of those issues. The bridge thing really got me, I kept trying to find a way to lower it, constantly being in denial that it was a bug and insisting it was a puzzle :(

Anyway, I'm not going to get into the rest of the bugs I found, for too many for me to bother listing. The core game itself is very good though, despite how broken the game is.

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#10 Posted by Anomareh (107 posts) -

Aye, game is still great even with all the jank. That really says something.

I've only run into 3 things that bother me.

  1. The Scar bridge bug.
  2. Camera jank.
  3. Map jank.
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#11 Posted by deactivated-57beb9d651361 (4541 posts) -

The only issues I've run into so far are a choppy frame-rate upon Reaper-form activation and the lantern-lights in the Guilded Arena not opening doors when directed at them (though, moving them on and off a few times sorted that out).

What's this Scar Bridge bug people are talking about?

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No technical issues, except for a couple of crashes to desktop (all but one from alt-tabbing), and the button prompt for 'toggling to overworld map' (and hence to quicktravel out of dungeons) being signalized wrong in the map screen. It's indicated as A, when it's really LS (yep - using the 360 pad on PC, and it's glorious).

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