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de Blob at work restoring the city's color. It's a messy job as you can see...
de Blob at work restoring the city's color. It's a messy job as you can see...

de Blob is a Raydian, one of the few remaining at that. He is a lucky survivor of the evil INKT Corporation's attack, they turned all of the Raydian's in Graydian's. He has joined up with the other survivors and is in the group named the "Color revolution," built up of 4 other Raydians: Arty, Bif, Prof, and Zip. It is your duty to bring color back to the city of Chroma, and return all the Graydian's into Raydian's, wiping out the INKT corporation in the process.


In the game the player takes control of de Blob. de Blob is controlled with the analogue stick, and sent from building to building by flicking the remote. de Blob gets his missions from his fellow Team members, each team member gives him a different mission. The missions vary by who gives them to de Blob:

Zip offers speed challenges

Arty has you coloring in buildings

Bif has you defeating enemies

Complete these missions and you'll fill your color energy bar, which in turn unlocks gates guarding the level exit.

de Blob has the ability to change color when he is clean depending on what he touches:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Brown
  • There are a few specials thrown in there too.....:

Hot Coffee

Coffee Brown is the most complex of de Blob's colors; you need to turn him either green, purple or orange and THEN touch the missing color (Red, yellow or blue respectively) to get it.

Tanker Troubles

Paint tankers usually appear halfway through the game. Pound one three times to send Blob into a color changing frenzy and give you a limited period of invincibility to the Inkies.

Water way to go

Water hydrants are great for cleansing de Blob of his active color if you want to change quickly, but can also be a color-removing hazard if you don't watch where your going. Basically, approach with caution!

Paint it black

There's one color that Blob should avoid. If de Blob touches any deadly ink or gets attacked by Inkies, he'll turn black and his paint points will decrease rapidly. Get to a water source fast to wash it of!

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