For a Newcomer to the series..

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I'm not really one of those people who spends large sums of time memorizing moves and such, but I really do want to get into a fun fighting game with a fun story and this looks like it fits the bill..should I purchase or check out any of the other DoAs before purchasing this one?..I tried out MK but got frustrated with the I could never remember all of the moves..Will someone wave their hand and say "This is not the game you are looking for" if I'm not the right fit for it please :o

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id say just hit up a wiki on the storyline of the other doa's it doesnt really rely tooo much on the other games, 
here you go

if you have a 3ds you should check out doa dimensions as that game summarizes the stories of doa 1-4

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but if your looking for an accessible fighting game this is easily the most accessible hardcore fighter out of the bunch

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@mrfluke: Ok, thanks very much for the info ^_^ I'm not much into the whole boob physics thing that much of a factor :P?

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@Still_I_Cry: I was new to the series with Dimensions and dabbled in a little of 4 just before 5 came out and I'd say 5 is the best place to start. It's really approachable and even if you don't always win it's easy to learn and feel like you did alright against people that have played a ton of the older games.

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@Still_I_Cry The fanservice is still there but most of the skimpier costumes are all pre order stuff or costumes that you have to do ridiculous challenges to get. So its mostly avoidable if you want.
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if you want to get the full experience, it would be ideal to play through all of the games, since there's little nods throughout the story to previous endings / events. although a read up on the story of the game will probably do just fine.

oh, and the boobs are still gross. more messed up and scary than ever before, actually.

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Yeah, I'm usually not into fighting games, and this games fighting style just seems interesting to me, but I really couldn't tell you why.

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