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After Link saves the Deku Princess, the Deku Butler asks Link to meet him at the Deku Shrine. When Links meets him, he challenges him to a race. He guides the way with a candle as Link does his best to follow. Once they reach the end the Deku Butler apologizes for going too fast. He said that Link reminds him of his son whom he used to race against. He then gifts Link the Mask of Scents. At the end of the game the Deku Butler can be seen crying to what seems to be a lifeless Deku tree.

The lifeless Deku tree.
The lifeless Deku tree.

A theory about his son is that he is the lifeless Deku tree seen in the game. He may have ran into the Skull kid who made him lifeless to be able to transformed Link into a Deku, seeing as the tree is found in the same tunnel Link was made a Deku in, and how the Goron and Zora mask contain spirits of the dead. Also when Deku Link plays the song "Elegy of Emptiness" the statue left behind resembles the lifeless tree, seeing how it also has three leaves on its head. When Link plays the song as a Zora or Goron the statues resemble the sprites rather than Link,so the Deku statue would most likely resemble the mask's sprite.

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