Der Langrisser

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jun 30, 1995

    A remake of Langrisser II that was originally released on the SNES in Japan and was later ported to the PC-FX.

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    Der Langrisser (Der Langrisser FX for the PC-FX) is a Super Famicom remake of the Genesis strategy RPG Langrisser II - the sequel to Warsong - that received a difficulty decrease, new artwork, additional branching paths in the story and other new content. A PC-FX version of the same remake, which was released a few months later, also added anime-style animated cutscenes.

    The protagonist Erwin fights for the Descendants of Light to stop the Rayguard Empire, which has allied itself with the demonic hordes of the Prince of Darkness Böser, from finding the two holy swords Alhazard and Langrisser. He frequently clashes with a rival knight from the Empire, Leon, and eventually discovers that both have common ground regarding the swords and procuring peace. At various points in the story Erwin can choose to ally himself with the Empire and turn against the Descendants, remain with the Descendants, defy both and ally with Böser and his demons, or forge his own entirely independent path by refusing to join any faction.


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