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Diesel Power is a single player racing game inspired by classic arcade games - exclusively for virtual reality head mounted displays. It is designed to challenge the players motoric skills as the gamepad input often stands in contrast to the required HMD action.


An Asteroids like behaving hover car needs to be taken to the finish line while falling off the track ends the game. The car will follow the tracks lead going left/right, straight up/ down, flipped to the side or even upside down.

The track itself is invisible; the player needs to activate triggers via HMD which spawn the next section of the road. While reacting quickly with the vehicle to the changing track directions it is necessary to simultaneously look around for triggers.

The player encounters different enemies which are forcing him to keep moving.

To get a better leaderboard score it is possible to collect extra points, find secret paths and do combos while driving the car.


Diesel Power features a lobby which acts like a start menu and simple clicker game at the same time. The player can learn the vehicle behaviour and look mechanics while trying to stay on a plattform.

The lobby has a seperate leaderboard.


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