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    Digimon World 2

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released May 19, 2001

    Digimon World 2 changed the formula of the first game, a pet-raising simulator, into a turn-based dungeon-crawler. Even with these changes, the game unfortunately did no better in reviews than the first.

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    Players control Akira, a young boy who lives in a town located in the fictional "Directory Continent". After wild Digimon begin attacking the town, Akira joins a guard team in-charge of protecting the town in order to help keep it safe. Depending on which guard team players decide to join, they'll get either Agumon (Gold Hawk), Patamon (Blue Falcon), or (Black Sword) DemiDevimon.

    Following the first tutorial mission, all following missions are given to the player by their team leader.


    Digimon World 2 is a dungeon crawler that has players crawling through dungeons called Domains in a Digi-Beetle on limited fuel. Every step you take runs out fuel, so players need to be careful of where they go or else they'll be transported back to base. Each Domain is filled with traps and enemy Digimon. The end of each domain usually has a boss Digimon or a tamer with a team of three. Defeating the boss will open the way to the exit portal, which will transport you back to base.
    Players can Digivolve their Digimon into higher and stronger levels by collecting DP (Digivolving Points). DP is earning by DNA Digivolving your Digimon, which means to combine two Digimon in order to obtain one brand new Digimon.

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