Beat the Bobsleigh Challenge by 0.0001 Seconds

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#1 Posted by bigsmoke77 (849 posts) -

I meant to post this like a year ago so I guess better late then never but I remember I was having a little trouble with the Bobsleigh Challenge and I finally beat it by 0.0001. Which is kinda really fucking close.  Has anybody had a really close video game experience where you beat the game by the skin of your teeth? Here is hoping there is some more fun/difficult challenges in Dirt 4!

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#2 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Nice work! Usually I'm .001 second over on things like that.

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#3 Posted by Getz (3764 posts) -

I got an achievement in Warriors Orochi 3 for beating a stage in less than 5 minutes with a time of 0:05.00.98. I guess milliseconds don't count.

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#4 Posted by MikeGosot (3237 posts) -

I was playing Hexagon today and i just got to the Pentagon level by .02 second... In Sonic Riders, i beat a race by .001 second, and i guess that's it. I mean, if you're not counting the whole bunch of moments where i'm really close to dying in a fighting game and i still win.

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#5 Posted by WalkerTR77 (1810 posts) -

That's a real Top Gear finish.

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#6 Posted by slowbird (1907 posts) -

I've had some .001 second wins in some of the old NASCAR games and stuff like that. It's always exhilarating.

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#7 Edited by HerbieBug (4228 posts) -

Completing races in driving games with a lot of damage is most satisfying for me. Dirt series is especially fun for that sort of thing. Flat tires, car veering left on straightaways, still sliding through the line in first by the skin of my teeth.

Also goddamn that bobsled to hell.

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