Knife of Dunwall, worth a buy?

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I *loved* Dishonored when it first came out, finished it in like a 2 day session and bar a few niggling things it was great.

Question is, how's the Dunwall DLC? I want to go back to Dishonored but I haven't touched the game since round about launch. Is it good enough to get back into, length wise, story progression wise? I don't want to watch the QL because I'm on the edge of buying it and if I do I don't want to spoiled on the intricacies.

I know its the first part of a two part story but does it feel like that? Does it feel short? I don't want to get back into a games mechanics only for the experience to be cut short and I'm left wondering why did I bother. I was pretty happy with the Missing Link DLC for Deus Ex: HR so if it's comparable in length and quality to that sign me up. Thanks.

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hope so ? just downloading the now. looked good in the quick look , i like the idea of seeing the story from the other perspective plus its more dishonored. dlc done right by the looks of it.

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