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Disney's Beauty and the Beast is a licensed platformer for the NES and SNES. It roughly follows the events of the 1991 Disney animated movie, putting the player in the role of the Beast as he attempts to imprison and, eventually, woo Belle.

The Super Nintendo game was released in Japan and the US in July of 1994. It would later see a European release in early 1995. The more-or-less identical 1994 NES version only saw a European release: the other territories had all but discontinued the system by that year.


The Beast is physically imposing, and has both a slash attack and a powerful jump. He can also roar, which freezes most enemies and causes certain parts of the castle to spring into motion, such as moving platforms. The roar needs some charge up time, however. The magic rose from the movie is used as the stage timer, slowly wilting the longer the player spends in one stage.

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