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Divided We Fall is a real-time strategy game which takes place during World War II in which each player controls 4 soldiers in battles involving up to 30 players and 120 soldiers between Axis and Allies.

The Chain of Command

The commanding officer brief everyone on the team about the plan before the battle begins.
Each soldier has a rifle, ammo and a few grenades as standard equipment, however the CO has the ability to hand out extra ammunition, grenades and a variety of machine guns and snipers.

The commanding officer is also the only player who shares his teammates field of view, while the lowest ranking player only got his own soldiers visibility. The CO has the ability to issue orders to the team, while the team can ping where the enemy are. The victory condition is to either kill all enemy soldiers or for one team to hold all capture points.

The Ranks

The ranking system is unique. The players gain experience just like in most games, but kill/death rate and efficiency do also play a larger part in getting promoted to higher ranks.

0 Eff.50 Eff.60 Eff.70 Eff.
0 Eff.Recruit
300 Eff.Private
1000 Eff.Private First Class
2500 Eff.Corporal
5000 Eff.SergeantStaff Sergeant
7500 Eff.Staff SergeantMaster SergeantFirst Sergeant
15000 Eff.Master SergeantFirst SergeantSergeant MajorWarrant Officer
30000 Eff.First SergeantSergeant MajorWarrant OfficerChief Warrant Officer

* Eff. is an abbreviation for efficiency, which includes the kill/death rate, assists and captures.

* Exp. is an abbreviation for experience, which include the PPS and score earned by the end of each battle.

Army Groups

AGs are the clans and regiments in the game, which can be created and led by players. It's only members of AGs who can receive promotions to officer ranks.

Officer Ranks for AlliesOfficer Ranks for Axis
Second LieutenantLeutnant
First LieutenantOberleutnant
Lieutenant ColonelOberstleutnant
Brigadier GeneralGeneralmajor
Major GeneralGeneralleutnant
Lieutenant GeneralGeneral der Infanterie
General of the ArmyGeneralfeldmarschall

* Officer ranks are earned by participation in the monthly AG competitions.


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