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    The main town near Ryo, it has a large variety of shops and restaurants as well as small apartments. The town is usually busy night and day and Ryo is quite known, a lot of the people in town are willing to help Ryo with information.

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    Dobuita is the center of commerce in the original Shenmue.  The in-game town is based on and strongly resembles a real location in Yokosuka, Japan known as 'Dobuita Street.' In Shenmue, Dobuita plays host to the following shops and buildings:

    • Aida Flower Shop
    • Ajiichi Chinese Restaurant
    • Asia Travel Co.
    • Bar Linda
    • Bar Yokosuka
    • Bob's Pizzeria
    • Bunkado Antiques
    • Daisangen Mahjong Parlour
    • Funny Bear Burgers
    • Global Travel Agency
    • Hattori Sporting Goods
    • Heartbeats Bar
    • Hirata Tobacco Shop
    • Hokuhoku Lunches
    • Honda Drugstore
    • Jupitor's Jacket Shop
    • Knocking Motorcycle Shop
    • Komine Bakery
    • Kurita Military Surplus
    • Lapis Fortune Teller
    • Liu Barber and Hair Salon
    • Maeda Barbershop
    • Maison de Ishikawa
    • Manpukuken Ramen
    • Mary's Patches & Embroidery
    • MJQ Jazz Bar
    • Mochizuki Apartments
    • Nagai Industries
    • Nana's Karaoke Bar
    • New Yokosuka Movie Theatre
    • Oiwa Apartments
    • Okayama Heights
    • Parking Lot
    • Russiya China Shop
    • Slot House
    • Smiley Flower Shop
    • Suzume Park
    • Takara Sushi
    • Tamura Butcher Shop
    • Tattoo Parlor
    • Tom's Hot Dogs
    • Tomato Convenience Store
    • Tsukushi Apartments
    • Uokichi Seafood
    • Water Dragon Thrift Store
    • Water Dragon 2 Thrift Store
    • Yamaji Soba Noodles
    • Yaokatsu Produce
    • You Arcade

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