Form/Find a Fantasy Dota League (ASUS ROG Dreamleague S1)

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Fantasy Dota is back and a lot more fleshed out than it was for TI3. Anyone who buys the ASUS ROG Dreamleague ticket/compendium is able to create a single league and join as many leagues as will have them, although leagues can only have up to 6 teams due to team selection being done via a draft with no duplicates of players between teams. Since there isn't a thread here on this yet, I thought I'd make one for fellow duders to find leagues to join and teams to join their leagues.

Since these leagues require an active draft (or else you get automatically drafted for), it's probably best to try to band together based on general location/timezone. Here are some templates to hopefully make recruitment easier. Players need to be invited to the league by the chairman, who they have to at least temporarily be friends with. Note that first matchday is 3rd March, so drafts should be completely by 22:59 GMT on the 2nd March to cover the whole tournament.

League Looking For Team(s)

League Name:
Chairman's Steam Name/Link:
Available Spaces:
Date/time in mind for draft:
Changed Rules:

Team Looking For League(s)

Steam Name/Link:
Draft Availability:


If I've missed anything obvious, let me know. To create/join a league you go to the Community tab and the options are down the left side under Fantasy. Obviously you need the appropriate ticket for the tournament.

FAQ Stuff

CyborgMatt's latest patch analysis combines the official FAQ with a bit more of a thorough going over of what's involved, but I'll include the basics below.

Players are categorised as Core or Support. By default, teams select 8 players; 5 in the active roster (2x Core, 2x Support, 1x Free) and 3 of any role on the bench. The active roster can be adjusted each day, locking for said day at midnight in the timezone of the tournament (so CET for Dreamleague). You can also make one drop/add request per day to get rid of and try to bring in different players, if multiple teams go for the same player on the same day then the lowest scoring team gets him. There isn't any trading between teams yet.

Regardless of role, players earn points in the same way, the default points system is:

  • 0.3 points per kill
  • -0.3 points per death
  • 0.15 points per assist
  • 0.003 points per last hit
  • 0.002 points per gold per minute
  • 0.002 points per XP per minute
  • 0.07 points per seconds of enemy stuns
  • 0.0004 points per allied healing done
  • 1 point tower kill
  • 1 point per Roshan kill

Benched players don't earn points. In a best-of-three series players only earn points for their highest scoring two games in that series. Players average scores based on their last 100 matches (all leagues) are viewable before and during the draft in the players panel.

The schedule for the ASUS ROG Dreamleague is as follows:

Week #1 (18.30 – 22.30 every day)
3rd March – Monday, 4th March – Tuesday, 5th March – Wednesday

Week #2 (18.30 – 22.30 every day)
10th March – Monday, 11th March – Tuesday, 12th March – Wednesday

Week #3 (18.30 – 22.30 every day)
17th March – Monday , 18th March – Tuesday, 19th March – Wednesday

Week #4 (18.30 – 22.30 every day)
24th March – Monday, 25th March – Tuesday, 26th March – Wednesday

Week #5 (18.30 – 22.30 every day)
31st March – Monday, 1st April – Tuesday, 2nd April – Wednesday

Week #6 (18.30 – 22.30 every day)
7th April – Monday, 8th April – Tuesday, 9th April – Wednesday

Week #7 (18.30 – 22.30 every day)
14th April – Monday, 15th April – Tuesday, 16th April – Wednesday

Week #8 (18.30 – 22.30 every day)
5th May – Monday, 6th May – Tuesday, 7th May – Wednesday

Week #9 Super weekend (14:30 – 22.30 both days)
17th May – Saturday, 18th May – Sunday

Playoffs – DreamHack Summer 2014 – 14-16 June (Times TBA)
14th June – Saturday, 15th June – Sunday, 16th June – Monday

And the teams are:

North American Division
Cloud 9
Evil Geniuses
Team Dog
Team Liquid

Europe West Division
Meet your Makers

Europe East Division
Natus Vincere
Team Empire

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League Looking For Teams

League Name: #BigPlays Premier League
Chairman's Steam Name/Link:
Available Spaces: 5
Timezone: GMT
Date/time in mind for draft: Evening/Night of 28 Feb (GMT), if full by then...
Changed Rules: None (default rules)

Team Looking For League(s)

Steam Name/Link:
Timezone: GMT
Draft Availability: Evenings/nights GMT

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League Looking For Teams

League Name: > Fantasy League is hard

Chairman's Steam Name/Link:Available Spaces: 5

Timezone: US Pacific

Date/time in mind for draft: Late evenings, or early afternoons (flexible)

Changed Rules: default

Team Looking For League(s)

Steam Name/Link:

Timezone: US Pacific

Draft Availability: Late evenings or early afternoons

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Steam Name/Link: Little Mac |

Timezone: PST

Draft Availability: Evenings (7pm or later)

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I wish i understood how this works and wasn't required to interact with anyone to participate.

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I have been wanting to do this but couldn't find anyone in the Dota chat

Steam name is Flacracker

Timezone is EST

Just add me and invite me to whatever league.

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Only just seen your friend request @flacracker, accepted and invited you to my league which is still a bit bare, didn't expect this thread to flop so badly.

If we can find at least 2 people in the next few of hours we could try to get a draft done today, if that's good with you?

If anyone reads this and wants in, friend request and/or post here saying so.

@climax and @trovanon, sent you both invites. You're both on PST and @climax specifies 7PM onwards for draft availability, so would that be a good time for everyone? It's good for Flacracker and myself.

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