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    Dr. Gina Cross

    Character » appears in 4 games

    A scientist from Black Mesa Research Facility and one of the protagonists from Half-Life: Decay.

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    According to the events in Half-Life: Decay, Gina is a Hazardous Environment Supervisor at Black Mesa Research Facility with a level 4 security clearance. She is most notable for creating the HEV suit worn by Gordon Freeman and other scientists (including herself). She is 31 years of age and has Ph.D in applied physics from Caltech University. The game's manual also notes that she has some background and experience in the fields of mechanical engineering and bioengineering.



    In Half-Life Dr. Cross can be seen as a hologram in the hazard training course. She is there to instruct Gordon on how to complete the course and teach about any obstacles he may meet. She doesn't look exactly the same as her character in Half-Life: Decay but is very similar and is wearing the HEV suit in both games.

    Half-Life: Decay

    In Half-Life: Decay Gina is the one who has to deliver the GG-3883 crystals to the experiment which Gordon is undertaking (and the one which would cause the catastrophic events. That event can also be seen through Barney Calhoun's eyes in Half-Life: Blue Shift; another HL expansion developed by Gearbox. Dr. Cross is teamed up with another Black Mesa scientist, Dr. Colette Green, to assist Gordon in the experiment. After the Resonance Cascade occurs Gina along with Colette have to firstly guide a senior scientist, Dr. Stanley Rosenburg, to the surface of the facility. From here Dr. Rosenburg is able to contact the military for help but is subsequently captured. Gina and Colette are contacted by their mentor, Dr. Richard Keller, who requests them to reduce the effects of the Resonance Cascade, which they succeed in doing.


    It is unknown whether Dr. Cross survived the Black Mesa incident. A dead player model in Half-Life: Opposing Forces named gina.mdl indicated that she may not have lived but that game was created before Decay. Also neither Valve or Gearbox have officially confirmed the Dr. Cross has died as she has not been mentioned in any subsequent Half-Life games.

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