DBFZ Casual Fight Night & Tournament

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DBFZ is coming out on January 26 for PS4, PC and Xbone! I thought organizing some GB Casual Fight Nights during the week would be a fun idea. @esreverand I plan to hold weekly tournaments for those interested. Currently PS4 is where we will be hosting casuals and tournaments. However if someone wants to host events for the PC or Xbone versions of DBFZ let us know and we can promote them here.

I want to emphasize that the tournament is not the focal point of all this. The casual play sessions are. The goal is to create an environment for those new and old to FGs to have fun and learn. Post here with your PSN/Steam/Xbone/Discord names along with your region and hopefully other like minded folks will do the same.

Rage Quit Weekly Tournament (PS4)

Unfortunately, due to connection issues with Ring matchmaking, we will be moving the first DBFZ Rage Quit Weekly Tournament to whenever Bandai releases a patch to fix it.


After Sunday's Casual Fight Night we will host a tournament for those interested. You must communicate during the tournament in our #dragon_ball_fighterz channel. We will bump this forum to remind everyone about the tournament at that time. We will begin the tournament after the Casual Fight Night ends at 7pm EST Sunday.

The rules are as follows.

  • Tournament will be double elimination, meaning you need to lose to two opponents before you are eliminated from the tournament
  • Matches will use the default settings, and be 2 out of 3. Winner Finals, Loser Finals, and Grand Finals will be 3 out of 5. In addition, the person coming from the loser's bracket will need to win two sets of 3/5 while the winner only needs to win one set of 3/5
  • Upon losing a match, the losing player may switch characters if they like. However, the winner must select the same character.
  • Players are responsible for reporting their own scores on the Challonge page. If you have any problems doing so or you accidentally enter the wrong score/winner let me know during the tournament so I can fix it.

Casual Fight Night on PS4

With the help of @esrever we plan to have Casual Fight Nights on

Sunday 6-7 PM EST

Tuesday 8-10 PM EST

Friday 7-9 PM EST

We will post here and on Discord with the lobby details. The best way to communicate during these sessions is on Discord in the #dragon_ball_fighterz text channel. Using Discord is not mandatory for these, so if you would rather let your buttons do the talking it's all good. Want to play but can't make it at these times? Hit up the Discord to find games when you are free and in the future we might revamp the Fight Night schedule.

Giant Bomb FG Discord Channel

Discord Link https://discord.gg/VAZ5k8f

We have a Discord for people on GB who play or want to learn more about FGs. For DBFZ all communication will take place in the #dragon_ball_fighterz channel. If you have a passing interest in any FG or want to watch an upcoming FG stream while chatting with GB people come on by. We have people of all skill levels that play a wide range of FGs. With that said we have gaps in what people play regularly. So if you're really into a fighting game that isn't getting much play on the discord, drop by, build the hype and teach us!

GB Name/DiscordPSN/Steam/XboneRegion
GB: MikeFightNight Discord: Michael TransactionPSN/Steam: MikeFightNightEast Coast Canada
GB: ESREVER Discord: MacePSN: MaceXCentral US
GB/Discord: IrrelevantJohnPSN: xLLeg3ndXBeast Coast
GB: LiquidSaiyan3 Discord:Discord: alexnzPSN: LiquidSaiyan3US East
GB: Bloo561 Discord: BlooPSN: Bloo561US SouthEast
GB: xkkzz Discord: xkkzPSN: SixtyorangeUS Southwest
GB: IamTerics Discord: TericsPSN: dawades2000US East
GB: mechatyranitar Discord: slushyPSN: papaslushyUS West
GB: Shirogane Discord: ShiroPSN: RaishiroAustralia
GB: PSB_Vam Discord: GB: PS_VamPSN: PSB_VamUS West

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#2 Posted by ESREVER (2911 posts) -

Discord: Mace
PSN: MaceX
Region: Central US

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Where in the hell is Trunks?!

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Discord: IrrelevantJohn

PSN: xLLeg3ndX

Region: Beast Coast

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PSN: LiquidSaiyan3
Discord: alexnz
Region: US East

OMG it's actually happening! Very excited for this game

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PSN: Bloo561
Discord: Bloo
Region: US SouthEast


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PSN: Sixtyorange
Discord: xkkz
Region: US Southwest

Just got my pre-order in for PS4 version. Gonna be mashin' that autocombo button tomorrow.

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Can people even play? This might be the worst lobby system I've ever seen. This has unsold me on the game.

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I keep getting "Failed to initialize network" when I "Start Game" in main menu. Can't play at all.

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Downloading now and hope to get to try it before its over.

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I keep getting "Failed to initialize network" when I "Start Game" in main menu. Can't play at all.

Same here.

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I got that message but just kept trying and got in, now i cant find a match though.

This beta is fucking horrible

I finally found the practice area so got some gameplay at least, but never got a match and i am not 100% sure if there was something I missed. This whole virtual lobby thing is pretty terrible.

Too early to say but could be another sfv with good gameplay but hidden by a lot of bad systems and non existent net code.

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The netcode is actually pretty good, servers are just fucked right now. Played a bunch of matches yesterday and it holds up better than Rev 2 console netplay. Looks like PC will be the place to play for best online again though. Got it on both so I'm ready either way.

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I got guilty gear xrd while watching the quick look and Jason raving about how cool it looked, and haven't played much yet. I fear the same will happen with this. Curse you, Jason!

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#17 Posted by dazzhardy (1341 posts) -

Been trying on and off every hour or so for the last 8 hours, and this is the sum of the experience for me. I'm not actually sure there's an actual game and not just this screen...

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I never got an error message for mine... that's new. Just would never find anyone to play with even though there are a lot of people running around in the lobby.

However, played the training stuff. Nevermind... can't say I like how the game plays at all. Sure is pretty though.

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It is a beta after all. So, I'm not surprised. I hope they use this beta the way betas were done in the past and fix the issues so release runs smoothly.

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Tried again, can no longer connect at all. Hopefully they fix the servers at least long enough to play a match.

Although i find the Lobby area to be pretty terrible with no guidance as to where things are. It took me a few minutes to find the guy to even set up a fight que, so many people were there i couldn't even see him lmao. Man bring back the goddamn menu where things are quick and easy, games are getting stupid.

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#22 Posted by dazzhardy (1341 posts) -

12 hours in, and still getting the same error message. It has a nice "press any button" screen at least :\

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Managed to get in a couple of times by just trying over and over again nonstop, but can't actually ever find a match. Whether I try Ranked or Casual, even tried changing lobbies and anything I can think of and I'm still regularly spending 10-20 minutes searching for a match with absolutely no results.

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#24 Posted by dazzhardy (1341 posts) -

Also finally managed to get into a lobby, and played the training which makes the game seem rad as all hell, but not been able to get into any sort of match, ranked or casual.

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Wooo! Can't wait for the tourney on the 28th! Be there or be dead...

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PSN: dawades2000

Discord: Terics

Region: US East

2 and a half days to find which characters closest resemble my Skullgirls team. Or just Elphelt.

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PSN: papaslushy

Discord: slushy

Region: US West

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Not sure how often i can join these nights, or if anybody even wants to play me and my Australian connection. But i'll drop this here anyway.

PSN: Raishiro

Discord: Shiro

Region: Australia

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Unfortunately, due to connection issues with Ring matchmaking, we will be moving the first DBFZ Rage Quit Weekly Tournament to next Sunday (February 4th) Hopefully, Bandai will release a patch in the meantime. http://gbrqw.challonge.com/5kdjd7nn

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Discord: PS_Vam


Region: West US

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