Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory Mouthful Announced

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No, mouthful isn't a part of the title. So anyway, Dragon Quest X may be coming to Wii, at some point, but us Westerners don't even have Dragon Quest IX on the DS yet (though it's coming) and now Square goes and announces another Dragon Quest title for Wii. This one's not a mainline entry and is based on the arcade game series with the same name (there are two!) some sort of card battling video games. Andriasang has some details.

Square Enix announced today a Wii port of its Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road arcade game. The Wii version, based off the DQMBR II Legend sequel, will be named Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory and will see release this Summer. Pricing has yet to be set.

Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road is a card-based arcade game similar in basic concept to Sega's Mushi King series. Players use physical cards to summon classic Dragon Quest monsters into battle. As of January, Square Enix has shipped 200 million cards for the game.

The Wii version will replicate the basic gameplay of the arcade version. Players will be able to compete in four player battles using a single Wii, and also take part in online battles via Wi-Fi. The Wii version is also getting a new "Tournament Mode" where you collect cards while facing off in battle against a variety of characters in a virtual town.

Yup, 200 million, that wasn't a typo, so I guess you could say it's rather popular over there. Here's a trailer of the second arcade game, which andriasang claims the Wii title will be based on. The animation is pretty freaking awesome if you ask me, which you shouldn't I guess.

And here's a bunch of videos showing various cards at work, I got them from GAF. Some of them are stupidly awesome looking, so do click on some randomly.

 ローレシアの王子、サマルトリアの王子、ムーンブルクの王女 ミナデイン
伝説の勇者 ギガブレイク
ロトの血を引く者、ローレシアの王子、伝説の勇者 勇者集結
占い師ミネア 天変地異
踊り子マーニャ 疾風炎舞扇
商人トルネコ おっさん呼び
王女アリーナ 閃光烈火拳
魔法使いブライ マヒャドデス
神官クリフト ザラキーマ
王宮戦士ライアン 究極爆裂剣
魔剣士ピサロ ダークマター
導かれし者たち ミナデイン

伝説の魔物使い モンスター呼び
貴族の娘フローラ 大海嘯
第三の女デボラ 烈空カカト落とし
流浪の王パパス ホーリーエッジ
勇者レック ジゴデイン
旅の武闘家ハッサン 超・岩石落とし
夢占い師ミレーユ マスタードラゴン
大魔女バーバラ マダンテ
ゲントの民チャモロ バギムーチョ
さすらいの剣士テリー ジゴスパーク

少年アルス アルテマソード
少女マリベル 煉獄火炎
大盗賊ヤンガス 烈風獣神斬
魔法使いゼシカ マダンテ
聖堂騎士ククール シャイニングボウ

闇の覇者竜王 闇の波動
大魔王ゾーマ メラガイアー
幻魔王デスタムーア イオグランデ
魔神ダークドレアム 雷鳴豪断脚

Also, here's the official website, which should open shortly. Though, if this title is unplayable without cards, I suppose it won't make it over here, sadly. Either way, I hope Dragon Quest X battles will look at least as good as some of this incredibly animated stuff! What say you?
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- Port of the arcade game
- 1 to 4 players on same console
- can use DSi/DSiWare app to scan cards from Arcade version

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Might be a little too hardcore for me.

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@Rallier said:

- Port of the arcade game
- 1 to 4 players on same console
- can use DSi/DSiWare app to scan cards from Arcade version

It should have online MP as well, wi-fi logo and all.
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So is there a camera on the player during the game? Because I totally wanna have my Yu Gi Oh moment, but I don't really wanna look at some dude's balls.

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Andriasang has some more details.

Screens of the Wii version @ Famitsu.
More @ the link. I hope Dragon Quest X will have a similar look.
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Lol. I dunno if this is really planned but...

That's kind of overkill, Square, people don't want the whole arcade in their home version...

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