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Draygon guards the Space Jump in Super Metroid. It sweeps from one side of the room to the other, attempting to strike Samus with each pass. It swings at a regular pace, so when it doesn't come for a moment, that is the indication Draygon spreading its snares to capture her. The spores can be cleared with charge beam shots, and if captured, circling the D-pad and mashing the dash and jump buttons will set Samus free.

Method No.2: Electrocution Execution
Method No.2: Electrocution Execution
Draygon can be killed one of two ways. Players can spam missiles and super missiles in its stomach with each pass, or expose the light-emitting encasements on the wall, wait for Draygon to grab Samus, and then electrocute it when she's in its grasp by attaching the grapple beam to the now-exposed light sources.

When Draygon dies, its corpse is carried off by what appear to be its young.

Draygon's form is the leg on the right side of the statue (opposite Kraid) that blocks the entry to the game's final area Tourian. This statue is made out of Super Metroid's four guardian bosses. In an ordinary play session, Draygon is fought in between Phantoon and Ridley, making him the third last full boss in Super Metroid.

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