good for a 12 yr old girl?

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idk much about this game but im wondering if it would be good for a 12 yr old girl to play thanks

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From what I can remember, the game is pretty tame. It's a decent point-and-click adventure with a pretty good story. I say it would be safe for a 12 year old.

EDIT: You might not like the following, however xD:

Taverns/bars have suggestive names. One is called "The Cock and the Puss" and the other is called "The Salty Seamen."

There are fighting scenes, blood on walls, and a dead body.

Infrequent use of strong language. With 10 "f" words at the most.

Source: IMDB

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from my memory, some of the dialogue covers some pretty mature themes. its more of a literature kind of mature though, rather than you normal "gamer" style of mature, i probably remember the original better but im sure there is some stuff about sex (again, maturely covered, rather than crass) and i think they touch a little on depression and anxiety. i dunno, its been YEARS since i played either so i could be remembering totally wrong,

as a side note some of the puzzles (especially in the original) were pretty old school adventure game obscure so if this girl gets frustrated easily, it might not be for her

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There is nothing X-rated about the game and the stuff posted in the first reply won't offend most people at that age. Just depends on the person I guess. As stated above, the game does cover some mature themes though. The bigger question for me is if she actually likes point-and-click adventure games. I know I do, but I also realize that they aren't really everyone's cup of tea. I remember the game being pretty easy though (definitely easier than the first one), so if she gets stuck it shouldn't be for that long. Although if she hasn't played much adventure games then she might not be as adept at them as we are. I can specifically recall a few frustrating puzzles from the first game, but not any from this one. Another thing to keep in mind is the game ends when the story is reaching its climax. So if she gets invested into the story then she probably won't feel satisfied with the ending.

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May I suggest Beyond Good and Evil? Seems like something a 12-yr old could get into, and if you're looking for a game with a strong female lead, this has it.

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@whistlebottom said:

May I suggest Beyond Good and Evil? Seems like something a 12-yr old could get into, and if you're looking for a game with a strong female lead, this has it.

BG&E is a much better choice. Dreamfall is super-frustrating in parts thanks to the classic adventure game aesthetic.

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there's nothing inappropriate for a 12 year old in this game, but I don't think a 12 year old would get it. the main character is in her early twenties, and dealing with early twenties issues.

Dreamfall is barely even a game tbh, more like some sort of interactive visual novel type thing

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All I remember is that the protagonist's sexual appeal and imposing ass exceeded that of Lara Croft. 
So I'd say no.

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