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Dungeon Epic.

For all you who aren’t aware of the series, imagine and dungeon crawling epic much like that of the Forgotten Realms game Baldur’s Gate or like a modern Gauntlet.

The dungeon crawling epic takes place in the land of Ehb, a land torn by the loss of it’s king and the divide of it’s once noble protectors, the Legion. You play as one of the blood relatives of a once great member of legion and your quest is to unite the land against a great evil who killed the King.

The gameplay is very similar to most dungeon crawlers. What makes it different from the rest is the characters design and the large amount of items and drops available to the cast. Although the game may seem difficult or foreign to those who haven’t played such a title before, it’s relatively friendly to those new to the series or even the type of games.

My first play through was with a Co-op partner one hardcore. The game seems relatively easy and has just enough stuff in it to cover around 20 hours of gameplay. That being said there are different options that can influence the story and the way you play as well as different characters requiring different styles of play to survive.

One major positive for myself was the fact that not only does it have online co-op but you can take your couch co-op partner online to play with others and their local players.

The monsters and foes in the game are both original and intuitive. The only few downfalls of the game were problems with loading skins later on against hordes of enemies and some extremely tedious and difficult boss battles.

If you love dungeon crawling games and D&D this is definitely worth investing in. The same goes to those with an affinity towards Baldur’s Gate and Gauntlet too. You and your friends can pour hours in to it before you even notice you have missed dinner.

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