Dynasty Warriors 9

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Feb 08, 2018

    The Dynasty Warriors series undergoes a massive restructuring by switching to an open-world title.

    moonlightmoth's Dynasty Warriors 9 (PlayStation 4) review

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    Antiquated Ad(verse)ity

    There once was a dev called Omega,

    who worked for KT and not Sega.

    They spent some time,

    making DW9,

    as if in response to some wager.


    So DW9 was their game,

    but the result is nothing but pain.

    The gameplay is shite,

    and the changes quite trite,

    where my enjoyment has nothing to gain.


    The combat is really quite easy,

    and the DLC extra sleazy.

    There’s a paid costume there,

    and those who adhere,

    would leave me quite pale and uneasy.


    Nice outfits I do indeed like,

    but this shit can get on a bike.

    Unlock free in-game,

    or face mortal shame

    as your arse feels the end of my pike.


    The graphics are poor and remiss,

    the voice acting a barrel of piss.

    There’s no motivation,

    to create some relation

    so the silence I really do miss.


    The world is now open and wide,

    and entertainment my mind really tried.

    But it’s too barren to care

    what lies under the air,

    so the awfulness ends up deep-fried.


    I swing around for an hour,

    and enemies run, hide and cower.

    Stats go up,

    but my patience is stuck,

    so I have more fun in the shower.


    For sure there is no frustration,

    but my motives they lack inclination.

    You can fight for a while,

    extend graves by a mile,

    and witness the birth of a nation.


    But the experience is not worth the hate,

    even while I may get so irate.

    There’s fun to be had,

    but the game is quite sad,

    as it didn’t have to have such a fate.


    So try something else and relax,

    and ignore these incompetent hacks.

    it’s a criminal game,

    its aspirations inane

    and these are the terrible facts.

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