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    Eamon is a text based Adventure RPG for PC and Apple II.

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    Eamon, or its longer title The Wonderful World of Eamon, is a text based game designed for the Apple II. Eamon was very similar to other text based
    Eamon main menu.
    Eamon main menu.
    games of the time but had more RPG elements than other games.


    Like most other text based games the story is set in a fantasy world where the player participate in dungeon quests. The main hub of the game is the Guild of Free Adventures which is place for heroes from the world can meet.


    You guide your adventurer by typing in what you want your player to do. This includes directions (North,South,East,West), attack, interactions with NPC's, casting magic and many others. All the players have 3 main attributes-Strength, Agility and Charisma. Strength determines how much damage you can deal and  receive, it also determines how much items you can carry. Agility affects the chance of hitting and dodging attacks while Charisma influences how you interact with people and how much goods cost.

    There is 5 different classes of weapons - Axe, Bow, Club, Spear and Sword. Your skills with these weapons can increase in combat if you use that weapon on an enemy. There is also another ability called Magic. There is 4 spells to learn which is Blast, Heal, Speed and Power.

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