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    Erdrick is a legendary warrior from the Dragon Quest series. Erdrick's powerful sword and armor are famous as being without match. Erdrick is known as Loto in the Japanese versions of the Dragon Quest games.

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    Erdrick (Loto), and his descendants make a number of appearances in the Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior) series. In Dragon Warrior 1 and 2, it is descendents of Erdrick which save the world from evil. In Dragon Dragon Warrior 3, the player controls the Erdrick himself, although you do not recieve the name "Erdrick" untill completion of the game. In the original localized versions of Dragon Warrior on the NES, the legendary hero's name is Erdrick. In the subsequent remade versions appearing on the Super Famicon and the Game Boy Color, the name was changed to Loto.

    Erdrick''s legendary sword and armor appears in both Dragon Warrior 1 and 3. In both games it is the most powerful equipment available. In Dragon Warrior 3, the equipment can be used by only the Hero. also Erdrick's Sword (as Loto's Sword) appeared in Final Fantasy XII.

    DragonQuest 1-3 is also known as the Erdrick Saga.


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