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Based on the Kenny Mayne-hosted game show that ran on ESPN from September 2000 to December 2001.
In round 1, contestants are allowed to pick one of four panelists who will then ask them a multiple-choice question from a particular category (e.g., Lady Hoopsters, Potent Offenses). If the contestant gives a correct answer, then they get 1 point and may ask for another from that panelist or choose another panelist. However, if he/she answer incorrectly, he/she must go to a different panelists. Once a panelist has asked five questions, he/she may not be selected again that round. Play continues until all panelists' questions have been exhausted or the 2 minutes expires.
In round 2, Kenny Mayne joins the panelists and the contestant now has no choice over who will provide each multiple-choice question. Like in round 1, each panelist has five questions to give but now there are no categories listed under each one.

In the final round, the contestant chooses one of five general sports in which to answer a three-part question. He/she needs to type in the answers to each part in turn. If he/she gets a part correct, they move onto the next part but an incorrect answer means the game is over. If he/she answers all three parts correctly, their final score is doubled.
Panelists in the game include:
Rich Eisen - ESPN SportsCenter Anchor/Reporter
Tom Jackson - NFL Studio Analyst
Suzy Kolber - ESPN SportsCenter Anchor/Reporter ("She's a fine athlete herself.")
Andrea Kremer - ESPN SportsCenter Reporter ("She asks tough questions.")
Steve Levy - ESPN SportsCenter Anchor, NHL Studio Host ("He likes hockey.")
Dan Patrick - ESPN SportsCenter Anchor/Reporter, ESPN Radio host
Karl Ravech - ESPN SportsCenter Anchor/Reporter ("He's a good golfer.")
Stuart Scott - ESPN SportsCenter Anchor
Charlie Steiner - ESPN SportsCenter Anchor
Trey Wingo - ESPN SportsCenter and ESPNEWS Anchor ("That's really his name!")    


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