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Estamos Pensando (Portuguese for "We Are Thinking") starts off with your character being dumped by his demanding girlfriend, who wants a man who would reach for the stars if she asked him to do so. After witnessing this, You may walk onwards. The only place you may go is forwards, up to a red house, onto the roof where your character jumps off to his death. His spirit then seperates from his body and flies off into space where your task is to collect as many stars as possible, most likely for your girlfriend. Once you collect enough of these, the screen goes white and you see your girlfriend standing by your dead body. Credit Roll.


The gameplay in Estamos Pensando is simple, In fact, You go through the game with your arrow keys. Up, Down, Right, Left, the basics. There is extra feature entitled the Wall Jump which lets you jump from wall to a wall. To use this feature, jump onto a wall until you see your character start sliding down, then press jump again and it launches your character in the other direction.

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