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The Idea: Create a Non-Violent Exploration Game Inspired by Science

Please join me on an experimental adventure to see if this game concept can be turned into a fun and interesting experience. My goal is to make something that is relaxing and engrossing and teaches you a little bit of real world science along the way. I hope the experience is rewarding and the music enjoyable. Personally, I just need a break from games where my only way to interact with the world is killing stuff.

Currently Implemented

  • 6 primary tools with various modes
    • Main Camera - reveals the optical in the direction you click
    • Hand Lens System - can reveal surface geology info
    • Laser Spectrometer - can detect chemical makeup
    • X-Ray Spectrometer - searches for organic materials
    • Ground Penetrating Radar - reveals subsurface info
    • Sample Collection Suite - can drill and collect samples
  • 5 secondary tools
    • Navigation Camera - reveals a short range optical radius
    • Sonar System - can fill in minimap at a long range
    • Temp Probe - can detect surface temperature
    • Radiation Detector- can detect radiation sources
    • Flare Launcher - multiple ammo types
  • Probe Systems
    • Ballast - tweak the probe buoyancy using a reserve air supply
    • Variable RTG - adjust the production of heat/power
    • Engine Turbines - control how much power is used to drive
    • Companion Messages - the probe talks to you sometimes
    • Passive Sensors - a display of the local water conditions
  • The World
    • Water Features - things like air pockets under the ocean
    • Surface Features - plants, crystals, rocks and other strange things
    • Subsurface Features - regions underground that have varying geology
    • Materials - chunks of stuff you can collect to be used later
    • Water Currents - flows of water around the map
    • Creatures - can react to the environment
    • Obstructions - part of the game progression
  • Home Base
    • Science Lab - six tools to analyse collected samples
    • Automation system - to quickly complete testing
    • Data Archive - screen that shows test results
    • Transmit Data - Send collected data to earth
    • Receive Data - Get new mission directives from earth
  • World Map
    • Can travel between the home base and test map

The Bi-Weekly update videos cover all the game systems in detail.

Alpha 1 - Probe Tools

Alpha 2 - Probe Systems

Alpha 3 - World

Alpha 4 - Science Lab

Alpha 5 - Transitions

Alpha 6 - Creatures

Alpha 7 - Obstructions

Alpha 8 - Communication

The Latest Alpha Build can be downloaded from here.


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