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Evergrace Review

For my Video Review, go to, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPrLfvSEHqc , this is one of my earlier reviews, keep that in mind.

Evergrace is not what one would call, a good game, its mediocre and poor in every sense of those words, its safe to say this ones a pass.

In Evergrace there are two main characters you can play as Darius, or Sharline, each have different story lines that intertwine with one another, but given poor nature of this game, the story will more likely than not fly over your head while your trying to figure out how bad the game turned out, the story is essencially about warring nations and a curse mark.

The game play of Evergrace is very awkward with either character. Characters tend to move very stiffly, and combat is just a mess. Combat focuses around a gauge that starts at 100 percent, this serves as both your health bar, and attack gauge, when full, you'll do max damage, when its not, you won't do any damage, this means that during combat, you'll constantly have to run away from an enemy, and then run back to him just to land a hit with a decent amount of damage. And rather than characters learning skills, skills are attached to equipment, to be honest, i kind of liked that factor though, it added an element of strategy to the game.

The graphics aren't going to win any awards, i won't knock them to much because this is, after all an early ps2 title, but with that said, they're deplorable.

The sound design is a hit/miss situation. Its not bad, but after a while, the songs start to drill into your brain, they get annoying after awhile.

Evergrace is not a good rpg, do not pick it up, its not worth your time, I'm going to give Evergrace a 4/10.

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