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#1 Posted by sizzlerxanadu (19 posts) -

I'm not much of an active member on the forums, but I see a gaping hole (pun not intended) where the thread sharing usernames for EG should be. If anyone wants to get in a few rounds anytime, I'm oklay on PSN.

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#2 Posted by RetroMetal (817 posts) -

I preordered this, because I love the franchise, but the more I look at it (I haven't gotten home to download it yet, so...) but it seems to be leaning pretty heavy on microtransactions, which I'm not happy about.

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#3 Posted by CujoPrime (76 posts) -

As long as this plays as good as previous titles I'm totally excited!

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#4 Posted by PanburgerPartner (63 posts) -

The micro stuff seems pretty superfluous to me in my three or so hours with the game, but that could change. Seems mostly like a shortcut to opening courses and cosmetics. Don't think you can buy stats/better clubs or anything like that.

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#6 Edited by sizzlerxanadu (19 posts) -

I'm only a few hours in, but seems there's a lot of grinding. Turf war is cool though.

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#7 Edited by PanburgerPartner (63 posts) -

Grindy for sure, but that's true of about every modern Hot Shots game. You really have to enjoy the actual playing of it to get the most out of it. Definitely not like an EA golf game where you're seemingly always making progress.

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#8 Posted by PoopsOnLawn (35 posts) -

I've been playing this almost nonstop since Monday night. I was a huge fan of the older Hot Shots games, but haven't played much past HSG3 on PS2. My buddies and I still will do the short course on HSG3 from time to time when we're together, so I've been looking forward to this one like crazy.

The core golfing is just as satisfying and deep as it's always been, which is almost all I wanted. The stuff outside of that seems fine, and the player customization is really good once you start unlocking items through the story mode. I haven't touched online yet since I want to get everything unlocked as quick as possible by doing tournaments and VS matches first.

The microtransactions seem well done as far as I can tell thus far. They sell a rotating selection of cosmetic items as well as some single-use powerups that you also can amass by just finishing regular matches. You also unlock TONS of cosmetics as you play through story, so I haven't felt the need to buy anything in the store yet. All the cosmetics in the store are relatively cheap and bought with in-game currency (which I have plenty of), so if I see a sick pair of plaid pants or something, I'll be spending fake golfbucks instead of dollars anyways.

This shit is addicting as hell.

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#9 Posted by xanadu (1758 posts) -

Really wish this was a switch game.

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#10 Posted by PoopsOnLawn (35 posts) -

@xanadu: i need this on my telephone

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#11 Posted by PoopsOnLawn (35 posts) -

quick look coming on tuesday

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#12 Posted by InternetDotCom (3861 posts) -

they sure do want you to get familiar with this first course

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#13 Edited by CrazyBagMan (1504 posts) -

loving this game :D

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#14 Posted by PoopsOnLawn (35 posts) -

@internetdotcom: yeah, all of the tournaments are made up of a selection of the courses you have unlocked (aside from DLC courses) so it's like that at first. Once you start unlocking courses, there are more to pull from for the tourneys.

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#15 Posted by JeremyF (194 posts) -

@poopsonlawn: Boy, the thumbnails have been excellent recently.

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#16 Posted by RainbowWeasel (22 posts) -

Man, when I finally saw some video of gameplay on this game my vision went red and I had to buy it. I'm not a huge fan of them gating the features like super-spin that I was already used to doing on the Hot Shots Vita game for so long. Same is true for new courses, as I feel like I've played quite a bit and only just got a new course.

However, these mechanics are exactly what I want from a golf game so this is doing it just right for me. This is my perfect podcast-listening game at the moment.

Also, I'm way into the character creator and the bit-by-bit progression of unlocking new pieces of clothing. Real happy to make a casual Pharah to chip-in justice from above.

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#17 Posted by Ratinho (89 posts) -

Feels like it's going to be a slow trek past all the gates and unlocks BUT this is what i have been waiting for since world tour on PS3. Just so much fun to play, perfect game for podcasts or sports background. The core gameplay just so satisfying, only a couple of hours in already as addicted as i was to the ps3 games.

Plus they let me make an absolute monstrosity:

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#18 Posted by ripelivejam (12670 posts) -

@xanadu said:

Really wish this was a switch game.

One can hope for a new Mario Golf installment in the future.

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#19 Edited by MocBucket62 (2322 posts) -

@ripelivejam said:
@xanadu said:

Really wish this was a switch game.

One can hope for a new Mario Golf installment in the future.

Since you two seem to be craving a Switch golf game, let me tell you about Golf Story. Its an Indie, Golf RPG that's suppose to be a spiritual successor to Mario Golf on the GBC and GBA, where your golfer has an RPG like progression of leveling up his or her golf skills. It also carries some elements of Stardew Valley where you can interact with different characters and build bonds between them by doing chores or playing golf and other games together. Plus there are 8 different golf courses that all have their own gimmicks, like one course that's covered in snow. According to the recent Nindies Showcase, this is slated to release sometime this month and hopefully its good. Here's the trailer:

Loading Video...

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#20 Posted by ripelivejam (12670 posts) -

@mocbucket62: That looks great. The gb/gba Mario Golfs always intrigued me. Will keep an eye on it, thanks!

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#21 Posted by PanburgerPartner (63 posts) -

Yeah, that Golf Story game looks cool as hell!

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#22 Posted by Valrik (13 posts) -

On the scorecard at the end of a hole, sometimes my score icon is glowing. What's that all about?

Anyhow, this happened:


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#23 Posted by Dam0 (11 posts) -

My wife and I thrashed EG on the PSP with multiplayer so this was a no-brainer. Enjoying it quite a lot although I was hoping for a local co-op mode or a way to play two local players online as well - I admit there's probably not much demand for that though.

We had a go at "slots mode" on the multiplayer which made it quite fun - adds a slot wheel of handicaps or advantages when there's a gap in score. I understand this is present in some of the other recent games - however, I can't find a list of these anywhere. Does anyone know what "lie values fixed" means? The icon was ball lie at 80% crossed out and a 90% value instead. I'll have a proper check next time it triggers but does it actually mean all ball lie will be at 90%?

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#24 Posted by PanburgerPartner (63 posts) -

@valrik: as far as I've seen, the glowing icon usually indicates a chip-in. Not sure if that's 100%, but it's what I've seen every time i've had one.

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#25 Posted by MattGiersoni (425 posts) -

I just got this and wow I'm so addicted already. My character looks so like me, the creator is amazing and I love getting rewards and loot! I know close to nothing about golf but it's so so fun! When your caddy is cheering it's such a great feeling, and I'm so sad when I do horribly and they're dissapointed haha. I just want nothing more than to play this all day and get sweet sweet loot and coins!

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