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    Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released 1990

    Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land is an unlicensed game developed by Color Dreams, Inc. and published by Wisdom Tree, Inc. in 1991 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

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    Following the story of Moses, Exodus allows the player to control Moses through the game's 100 levels on Moses' journey to the promised land.  


    Exodus controls and plays very similarly to the games Boulder Dash and Crystal Mines. The player controls Moses as he shoots the Word of God at his enemies, which include Egyptian magicians and soldiers. Levels are designed in a maze like pattern, making it very difficult to find your objectives. Obstacles include dirt hills, falling rocks, and the ever-present evil of video games, walls. By the end of the level you must collect five question marks and enough Manna to open the exit. Enemies can be destroyed or avoided but getting caught by them means losing a life. When you finally collect all the question marks for the given level, the exit appears and you can leave.  
    However before you can finish a level, you must answer five questions related to the Bible. These questions are random and there doesn't seem to be a large variety. Once you complete the questions, Moses will move onto the next level.  

    Unofficial NES Game

    Exodus was manufactured by Wisdom Tree, a descendant of the company Color Dreams, which was one of the first companies to find a workaround for the NES Lockout chip.  Exodus was one of the games that included this method to bypass it. Some copies of the game could be played normally, however, other copies required to be connected to another officially licensed Nintendo game in order to run. This method is one reason that the Wisdom Tree games are such a novelty today.

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