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Brilliant Gameplay, Flawed Package 0

When Far Cry asks players to duke it out with an army of gun-toting mercenaries in the middle of a jungle, it is just about the perfect FPS. Thinking tactically is the name of the game when sight lines, cover, and topography must be taken into account to have any chance at success. So what is the problem? It is that this is just a fraction of the experience, and the endless string of monsters in the middle of the campaign is neither challenging to fight, nor terrifying to behold. Combine this wi...

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Great game 0

I truly enjoyed this game. It has good graphics even for year 2008. The locations and objectives never get repetitive. Enemy AI could be little bit better, but there's not much to complain on that part either.Storyline is pretty superficial/typical for shooters, but that is highly compensated with gameplay. Although the game is linear, you can still choose different tactics and/or routes to get things done.Therefore I highly recommend this game for everyone, who like first person shooters....

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Far Cry Review by VAC 0

This was easierly one of the best games thats hit the PC market in a very long time. As a first person shooter lover myself, i felt like a lot of these games were becoming tiresome and dull to be honest.  I remember seeing pictures and screenshots in magazines and online about this game a good 6 months before it came out and was imediately wow'd out by it. Its every you want in a decent FPS and had a fairly decent multiplayer aswell, considering it wasn't its main feature.The graphics were State...

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Bringing the first person shooter to new levels... 0

Far Cry was a sleeper hit from 2004, definitely overshadowed by the much flashier Doom 3 and the highly anticipated and highly overrated Half-Life 2. What Far Cry had to offer was visual realism to a level which had never been seen before, gameplay that changed the way that first person shooters were made, and AI that games made today have yet to match. ...

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I didnt Really Enjoy This Game 3

Paradise goes to hell in this FPS game developed by crytek.The game's story is confusing from the 1st cutscene stuck on a random island full of mercanaries and old japanese warships.There is some crazyresearch that has to do with mutant primates as well.You charcter is jack carver a ex special forces with a job to escort a journalist.She gets kidnapped after a mortar rounds hits your boat.Gameplay is repititive and gets old fast. Shoot this guy shoot the other guy grab a key and drive away over ...

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Good but difficult game 0

This game when released was a ‘far cry’ from all the other major releases of the year. None more so than Doom 3 with its dark claustrophobic corridors. Far Cry when released had outstanding graphics which stand the test of time admirably. The huge open environments were quite a shock to the average gamer expecting to be trapped in some cavern or room or corridor. Indeed it does take some time getting used to the vast open areas present in the game and taking advantage of them. The game starts as...

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Far Cry 0

 Far Cry was now released six years ago, and it's in a weird place in gaming history. It has some modern ideas, but it also sort of screams out that it's the last big shooter before Half-Life 2. Its mix of forward-thinking elements and artifacts of old school shooting seems strange now, and it ends up as a game worth checking out if maybe not playing through all the way.Graphically, it's a mixed bag these days. The environments still look really nice if you pump up the effects, with long ...

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An excellent FPS for any avid gamer. 0

This has to be one of the best, if not the best looking game out for right now, being a week before Doom 3 comes out Far Cry was released on March 23 of 2004 and has been awing fans ever since.Utilizing the CryEngine produced by Crytek, a company out of Germany, Far Cry is definitely the most detailed, colorful engine out on the block today. The game's physics scream out to you when you plug a mercenary in the head with a sniper rifle from 200 yards away and you watch his body fall over the rail...

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