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Mario with Cape
Mario with Cape
The feather cape is a power up item that first appeared in Super Mario World for the SNES. Obtaining the feather gives Mario or Luigi a yellow cape which bestows certain abilities: the cape lets the player slow their fall after a jump; pressing X or Y will activate a spin attack that uses the cape as a short-range weapon; finally, the cape helps Mario and Luigi fly after a short take-off dash. The flight pattern of the cape is different from that of Super Mario Bros 3's Racoon Tail in that it can be continued indefinitely; as Mario flies he dips periodically, and pushing the d-pad backwards will regain altitude. Pushing the d-pad forwards will make Mario do a nose dive, from which he is also able to recover.

Availability of the Cape Feather

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The earliest time the feather can be obtained is from a Super Koopa in the first level of the Donut Plains. Stomping the flying Super Koopa causes him to drop the feather. The feather also appears in many "?" blocks throughout the game.

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