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Starting with a recently founded event company, the player is about to host the first festival. There is no budget yet, therefore the first tasks for the player will be finding sponsors. After some money was claimed, it's time to set down all necessary buildings. Those come in a variety of a total of 10 categories: From stages via food courts to accommodation and hygiene buildings. With the money left, the crucial part of a festival is the next thing on the agenda: Booking bands. The final thing to do is to set up ticket prices and make sure this fine selection of musicians gets the crowd they deserve!

After all that is done, there is nothing left to do as to open up the doors and await all the fans. Now the planning capabilities of the player will really stand out. Are there enough toilets? Will the food be enough? Did the player install enough security and medical stations? All these questions will be answered within the live play part. If everything runs smooth, the festival will be a huge success, giving the player the opportunity to create an even bigger festival next season. With the profit of the last festival, there can be better and more popular bands on larger stages and more exclusive locations. One day, the gigs will even be broadcasted to live-TV, allowing the player to host festivals which the world has never seen before.

But this is a long way and planning can be difficult. If things do not work as well as hoped for, the player will have to sort things out by hand. Dealing with security issues or pumping-out full toilets and all the things necessary to make the best out of the situation. This will probably not be a completely financial ruin, but fans and sponsors will remember next season how bad the organization was, and the reputation of the players company will suffer.

Core Game Mechanics:

Build Part

- Plan the festival area to fit the needs of the fans and bands.

- Book fitting bands, based on similar genres and create stage schedules, matching the needs of the bands.

- Set ticket prices and find the sweet spot between revenue and visitor count.

- Sign broadcast contracts and provide the necessary equipment.

- Find sponsors, they provide money but require services in return.

- Buy insurances and be safe if something doesn't work as expected.

- Hire professionals, they allow better micromanagement of certain elements.

- Create ad-campaigns and find partner festivals to increase the visitor count.

Live Part

- Make your guests happy and provide all required amenities for your bands.

- Handle your staff and make sure everything is running smoothly.

- Watch the stages and enjoy your personal festival.


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