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    FIFA Street

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Feb 22, 2005

    Take freestyle football to another level in this trick-filled Fifa Street

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    Fifa Street is inspired by street football, which can be frequently seen in cities such as Rio de Janeiro. Kids that live there have football as one of their favorite pasttimes. Due to the fact that there is very little space in the streets, they naturally begin to build extraordinary technique, not in team tactics but in individual skill to beat defenders. It's from this that some of the greats of football are born, such as the likes of Ronaldinho. It's this idea that Fifa Street, and both of its sequels, Fifa Street 2 and Fifa Street 3 attempt to emulate.

    Turning sports series into street versions is something EA has been doing for a long time. Previously, games such as NBA Street turned the sport of basketball into an extreme, rules-of-the-physics-defying game that had players performing inhumanly. This time around, EA BIG has decided to process football, or soccer in the same way. Fifa Street is a football game, but it's not played with regular football tactics that professional teams employ. Instead of combinations with passes, in Fifa Street, technical ability with a ball in the central theme.


    Fifa Street features trick-based gameplay. The goal of the game is, just like in regular soccer, to score goals. However, instead of the usual 11-11, you only have three field players and one keeper. You
    Some astounding acrobatics are present
    Some astounding acrobatics are present
    are confined by a small arena that looks like a street from say, Venice. You can freely use the walls to pass or beat defenders. Beating is the most important part of Fifa Street. It basically is the art of making a defender believe you will take the ball somewhere, but in the end don't. Beat moves come in various variations, but the end result is always being past the defender, one step closer to the opposing goal. You can shoot regularly, but if you do enough tricks, you can also activate a gamebreaker. A gamebreaker is a superpowered shot that is nigh impossible for a keeper to save, and can really help to turn the tide in a match.

    Cover Athlete

    The cover features Ronaldinho, the Brazilian superstar.


    • Artificial Intelligence - "Uprising (Overthrown) VIP"
    • Artificial Intelligence - "Slam"
    • Baobinga & I.D. - "The Feeling (Special Edit)"
    • Criminal Mindz - "Baptised By Dub"
    • Crooked Stilo - "Ya Lo Saben"
    • Distortionz - "Onion Ringz VIP"
    • Dizzee Rascal - "Stand Up Tall"
    • DJ Marky & XRS - "Rudebwoy"
    • Drumagick - "Malandragem"
    • Fatboy Slim - "Jin Go Lo Ba"
    • Max Sedgely - "Happy (Fatboy Slim Remix)"
    • Ming FS - "Fish Eyes"
    • Ozomatli - "Ya Viene El Sol (The Beatle Bob Remix)"
    • Peshay - "Ronaldo"
    • Ramilson Maia - "A Busca Da Vida"
    • Roni Size - "On and On"
    • Shimano - "Dope Style"
    • SL2 - "On A Ragga Tip"
    • Sur-Choc - "Fou Ho"
    • TAISHAN - "Shinjuku Drop"
    • Timo Maas - "Feedback Welcome"

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