Question for people who finished the Xbox 360 version (or PS3).

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Did Disc 1 look the absolute worst for you? Everything I played of Disc 1 the movies were the most noticeably pixellated, the framerate kind of sucked, environments were bland and lacking detail, the plot progression was the most redundant and slow, the battles were easy and not fun at all. I was ready to write this game off until: 
Disc 2 comes in and the very moment it played everything looked remarkably better. The in-game cinematics were smoother, more detailed, and ran at a better framerate. The environments were lush and gorgeous and the story just progressed at a much better pace. Disc 3 was better than 2 but wasn't the same leap as 2 was from 1.  
For PS3 users (I know it's only 1 disc for you), did you feel the same way about the graphics from the first third of the game or is this primarily an Xbox 360 issue? To me, Disc 1 was the most off-putting.
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Graphics wasn't that games problem.

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@LunarAura:  Definitely an Xbox issue, the PS3 version is excellent in almost all respects visually.
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I never noticed any of that.

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It sounds like you're talking about lots of stuff besides the game's visuals.

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I played all the way to chapter 13 on the 360 and had none of the problems you have.

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