...The demo was the "big" announcement?... Are you kidding me?...

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#1 Posted by vidiot (2891 posts) -

Is this a joke? A demo? For a game we don't even know at this point really how it plays? For a game we that's not going to be released until... Uhm... 2009-ish?

Hooray! We will get a demo...
That we have to pay for...
That has no international release date pinned down. At least we will finally get to see the game portion of this thing.

You know what would have been a real surprise? They release the demo now. Hell they don't need a fancy re-release of a film to give us a demo! They can release it online! MADNESS! Online on Xbox Live and PSN respectively. Like every other game developer on the planet.

I'm so happy Versus XIII footage was also finally shown at the private, locked down, no press camera's present, invite only event. As a fan this really puts to rest any and all issues regarding this being at some point or another a playable game. I also heard that they had the Arc of the Covenant on display. Since when did Square become the goddamn knights templar? Why must everything be under lock and key... And more lock and key? Release a youtube video or something.

Am I the only person who finds absurdity in this? I'm a huge Square fan, and I'm absolutely stoked to finally play this game. But the circumstances surrounding this thing are pretty ridiculous no? Both of there cell phone games are going to be remade on psp so they could make money overseas and there's like going to be a demo for a game.... Something else is going to be shown right? :/

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#2 Posted by zhinse (209 posts) -

Personally i was just disappointed that this was not the announcement of their secret MMO. Having to re-buy advent children again is kind of annoying too.  If the demo is large and in-depth though... i think it would be quite interesting.

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#3 Posted by SmugDarkLoser (5040 posts) -

it's a square enix event, nothing major.  More so something just to show a few trailers off at,

They'll make announcements at TGS most likely

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#4 Posted by Batman (1018 posts) -

will we actually have to re-buy the movie or will the demo be released on the PSN as well?  And I agree this was a very lackluster announcement.

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#5 Posted by AndrewGaspar (2561 posts) -

Don't trust anything PlaystationLifestyle says. Anyway, I don't have the DVD version of Advent Children yet, so I'll be getting the Blu-ray release when it comes out.

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#6 Posted by HeLives (65 posts) -

I was positive more was gonig to be announced.  Unfortunately, when fans become loyal to a company, the company, inevitably, takes its consumers for granted.  Sqeenix is no exception.

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#7 Posted by blu_magnet (261 posts) -

I hope this teaches everyone and especially myself, never truly believe any rumor or get caught up in any hype because you'll most likely end up being disappointed.

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#8 Posted by suneku (3005 posts) -

Yeah I was pretty bummed that this huge announcement was just a demo attached toe the bluray version of AC that I was already going to get anyways.. hopefully they don't disappoint us at the TGS.

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#9 Posted by pikastar (118 posts) -

I was hoping for somthing more from the "big announcement" like everyone else but really the event as a whole was great. Maybe its because I own both handhelds but the announcement of FF Agito XIII and Parasite Eve 3 was fantastic. Not to mention all the release dates and info for the other PSP and DS games. Im sure we will get to see the trailers as well as people playing the demos when TGS comes around.

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#10 Posted by suneku (3005 posts) -

Yeah those were pretty awesome announcements.. I love the Parasite Eve games and now it gives me more reasons for me to keep my PSP.

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#11 Posted by vidiot (2891 posts) -

Good so I'm not alone in realizing this absurdity.
It's nice to know that fans of a company or a franchise can take a step back and call BS on a situation that was truly BS. Remaking both cellphone games was a practical decision to make money over seas. That's not shocking. You want to make money over here. I get it.

I admittedly thought that the Final Fantasy VII remake was going to be announced. Christ, everyone I talk to thought that thing was going to be announced. Conflicting schedules or no, I think that the company that makes re-ports and re-makes in their sleep could pull it off. I guess PlaystationLifeStyle can get a finger pointed at, but then they went out of there way to say: "These are rumors". I'm not sure that I would point fingers at 1up, they were simply told that a huge announcement regarding the FFVII compilation was going to be announced. Apparently what qualifies as a big announcement for Square, versus say, the rest of the planet seem to differ a bit. It didn't even have to be a remake of Final Fantasy VII. Another game in the compilation completely would have qualified for "Big announcement regarding the Final Fantasy VII Compilation."  In fact, I liked how the actual announcement had no real direct context associated with the Final Fantasy VII Compilation.

I wonder if Square will send cease and desist orders on youtube once this demo comes out and Japanese gamers start recording it. The guidelines given to the press regarding this event was absurd and went beyond simply taking pictures. While I doubt something that absurd would happen... Uh...

...I guess I have to stop assuming logical decisions that this company would make...This is going to be difficult for me...

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#12 Posted by MaceWisdom (65 posts) -

The demo was great news now that we know how long it will be. And a seperate blu ray disc is great. All that remains if they include this with the U.S. and UK Release.

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#13 Posted by brukaoru (5134 posts) -

Two hours is quite a long demo, though what the original poster said makes me question the thought process behind demos nowadays... We are essentially paying for a demo, that is the main selling point of this version of the movie. I highly doubt the same amount of people who will buy the Blu-Ray edition would want to buy Advent Children over again if it wasn't for the demo being included.

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#14 Posted by Psytek (184 posts) -
vidiot said:
"A demo? For a game we don't even know at this point really how it plays? 
Funny huh, I guess a demo is HOW we find that out!!
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#15 Posted by vidiot (2891 posts) -
Psytek said:
"vidiot said:
"A demo? For a game we don't even know at this point really how it plays? 
Funny huh, I guess a demo is HOW we find that out!!"
No. Just...No... My statement is completely justified.

Unless I'm going to go on some wild assumption that a large majority of games that have been shown to the press for over two years have some form of playable sequences/detail/concepts that have been shown. Can you please name me a game with the equal amount or pre-release hype surrounding it, for the same length of time that FFXIII has been bouncing around the gaming press-scape that hasn't given concrete information on how it plays? Final Fantasy XIII has had the same 15-20 second clip of gameplay shown for the past two to three trailers of Lightning fighting in battle against the same soldiers/weird red dog creatures. It's predecessor, XII and even X, was showing demo gameplay far sooner than this title. I haven't seen a Square game that has had it's core gameplay mechanics under lock down to the press since The Bouncer.

...And that scares the hell out of me.

I'm excited about how this game is going to play like, as it clearly looks like some advancement of the systems from XII.

I think.

And there in lies some of my frustration. Too much speculation and vagueness given from the developers from interviews. It's been three years. I don't want to spend money on a movie I already own to see how an unrelated product (FFXIII demo) plays like.
Unless you have no idea what the game is like prior to downloading a demo, has anyone downloaded a demo that has played completely different from press articles and videos you had previously seen?

Regarding the length of it being two hours. That seems quite promising, but I wonder if the length of the demo will now give them reason to justify not releasing a free digital release.

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