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So I've come to terms with the fact that filters for things other than limit and offset aren't yet implimented, but I'm curious about whether there's a way to specify EXACTLY what fields I want in the reponse.

For example, if I can't  filter a characters List Resource by name, is there any way to just get back ONLY the name of every character returned? That would ensure the XML file size is small and I'd have control over geting only the information I want.

I'm hoping this is already implemented (seems pretty straightforward), and it seems like it wouldn't hammer your DB servers the way filtering by name would... 

At a minimum I think it's a valid feature request for the API.
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Very valid request.  We talked about this before launch and decided it was a good feature, but we wanted to get what we had out.  I'll go ahead and add it (and update the docs).  Look for it in a day or two, along with some other updates.

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Yes, this would be great - specifying that I want just the cover of a game and the link back to giantbomb would make the xml tiny and the functionality great!

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Thanks Andy - you 'da man