NOTICE: Video_Type & Video Types Endpoint Deprecation!!

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Hey guys,

We have deprecated the "video_type" and "video_types" endpoints in our API. As you may know, we have converted existing video types (Quick Looks, Giant Bombcast, etc), to Video Shows.

We've provided the "video_show" and "video_shows" endpoints to retrieve access to the new live converted shows (Quick Looks, Giant Bombcast, etc), and the "video_category" and "video_categories" endpoints for traditional video categories (Reviews, Latest, Events, etc).

Please switch over to the new API endpoints as soon as possible, as we will be removing the "video_type" and "video_types" endpoints in the not-so-distant future.

Happy Dev'ing!

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@rheediculous: Hi there - are there any plans to include the "video_show" along with the category in the "video_type" field of a video?

For example, Jar Time videos have a "video_type" of "premium" but I don't see any way to link the Jar Time videos returned by a /video query to the "Jar Time" video_show.



<deck>Why is this mic slightly blown out even though the gain is turned all the way down? That's just one of the questions that aren't answered in this masterfully produced video.</deck>







<name>Jar Time w/ Jeff 02/16/2017</name>

<publish_date>2017-02-16 18:00:00</publish_date>
















The reason it would be useful to have the video_shows included is for better categorization of videos in apps. I would love to be able to have a Jar Time category in my app but unless I do that manually (yuck) I can only categorize these types of videos as "premium". This is equally true for the other shows as well (Blue Bombin', Old Games, GBE Playdate, etc.).

(Also consider renaming the "video_type" field on videos to something else since the "video_type" API is deprecated)

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@alecgdouglas: Great questions! Adding video_show and video_shows to the video API is currently in development right now. Should be coming very soon. Hope that helps you out in your development.

Let me know if you've got anymore questions.

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Will it be possible to filter the response from /videos by video_category or video_show at some point? For me just now, it seems like video_type is the only filter that works for filtering videos by show

EDIT: While I'm here, it looks like the /video_shows API is returning relative URLs for site_detail_url, whereas video_categories is returning full URLs for the same field. Is this intentional?

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@rheediculous: How can I request, for example, Quick Looks only? Right now I'm using:


I tried using video_category and video_show instead without success. Is it being deprecated as well?

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Hey duders,

These changes are now on production:

  • video_show URLs should now be absolute.
  • Changed the name field in video_show to title. Added image and position. Position is the ordering seen in the drop down menu above.
  • Added video_show and video_categories as fields to the video endpoint:
  • Example of filtering for the show Quick Looks:
  • Example of filtering for the category Premium:
  • Added DLCs to the game endpoint:
  • To get a list of DLCs:
  • Detail view of a DLC:
  • Example of filtering for Xbox 360 DLCs :
  • Example of filtering for Fallout 3 DLCs on the PS3:,platform:35

Happy consuming,


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Are there any plans to add images for video_categories? Or will they remain video_show specific?

At the moment, the "image" field is being returned for video_categories, but it always seems to be null for me

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That is a good catch. There doesn't need to be an image field for video_categories. It'll be removed in a future update.