Searches not returning results?

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I'm using Giant Bomb's API to help me populate a database for my databases class, but I'm running into a little bit of a problem. When I search for a game, no results are returned. I had it working perfectly last night, so I don't believe it's my code that's having an issue. Are there usage limits with the API? I've probably searched ~3000 times since last night.

I should also mention that it's not an issue 100% of the time. It seems to be intermittent. Five searches will be successful, then a few will be unsuccessful. 95% will be successful, then every search will fail for the next 10 minutes.

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Clearly those games should be returning at least one result.

Here's how I'm constructing my search key:

var address = new Uri("[api_key]&format=json&query=\"" + gameName + "\"&resources=game");

The error for one of my requests changed from "OK" to "Rate limit exceeded," so I think I found my issue!

I ended up just setting my script to sleep for 15 minutes every time I get status code 107 then playing Far Cry 4 while it ran.