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Everyone at Giant Bomb is pleased to announce the Giant Bomb API.  Using the API, we hope our users can find crazy new ways to use our data.  If you're a developer, check out the API site and sign up for an API key.

This forum should be used for any questions regarding the API, including technical questions.  If you're having trouble with something, post a question.  I'll be frequenting regularly to answer any questions.

We're also planning on adding more data to the API in the near future.  If you have a cool idea but can't find the data you need, please ask.

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Whiskey Media go from strength to strength. Great job guys, hope to see some interesting stuff from this!

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When the iPhone app comes out, I'm buying 12 iPhones.

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I'm hope soon I'll be able to put it on my touch.

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Wow, this is awesome.  I can't wait to try stuff out.  Thanks guys!

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So please explain what giantbomb api is.

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Moon said:
"So please explain what giantbomb api is."
It's an application programming interface. With it, people can create applications that use Giant Bomb's data.
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Yit said:
"When the iPhone app comes out, I'm buying 12 iPhones."
That has me really excited. Thankfully, I already have an iPhone so I will be waiting for the day.
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Cool stuff. Now I just wonder what some people are going to do...

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Jeff will do a write up in a bit, but basically this API gives anyone the ability to use Giant Bomb's game database however they want. Using a site's data is usually illegal and will score you some legal troubles. Here, we feel that since the community builds the database in the first place the community should have access to it.

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Now if only I knew XML...

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Guys - opening up your data is awesome. Can't wait to start linking the data to my own applications - all free of course... 8)

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This is awesome, if only i was more learned in XML. :(

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CitizenKane said:
"Now if only I knew XML..."
That's not how it works. It's kind of like saying "If only I knew pen and paper".

I do get what your getting at though.
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API? Why does it  not has some better features.

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What sort of features are you looking for?

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Well, i am expecting edit stuff on the site not for points if is for developing the site.

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The API only allows use of the data already on the site. It doesn't allow you to edit anything on the site, and that's something that could potentially be abused if the API did allow it.

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has anybody made anything using the api yet, as i really want to get my teeth into it but am just not sure what to do with the mounds of awesome data.

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there is any free php script to use with the api?

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@helder227: to be honest it's fairly easy stuff to do AJAX calls or CURL requests. I don't know of any pre-built libraries in PHP, or any language I use currently, so it's safe to assume it's roll your own.

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