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I am looking for ppl to friend on the PS4 so that I can experience the online components of the single player game, like sharing the location of royal convoys. My playstation name is (deleted), add me! Or write your name in this forum and Ill add you.

EDIT: I removed my PSN name because I have a shit ton of new friends now and really dont need that many to experience the AC4 stuff. Though, there are other PSN names on this board to find.

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Just started playing it last night, so you can add me. Aurin13 on PSN.

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I will start playing AC4 today or tomorrow. Caduceus77 on PSN.

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@alkusanagi: @caduceus77: sweet I'll add you guys. Ive been reading Promethea, so I actually know what a caduceus is. lol

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I just got mine in the mail. PSN: kaoscrackin

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My PSN name is lazy0718. Played a ton of this game this weekend.

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I've sent requests to those above.

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PSN: ScottG13

I've been playing AC4 this weekend and I can definately tell you that the social stuff is there and pretty frequent. I've been finding social chests, fleets and hunts pretty frequently that get passed along to my PSN friends. For those of us that don't play the MP of games, this is a pretty cool way to incorporate active players on a social list.

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I sent you guys all friend requests.

My PSN username is WebScud.

Edit 12/5: Since Uplay does not support more than 99 active friends and pending requests, I'm going to deny future requests until that gets fixed. Otherwise, I can't access any of the social features in AC4. If we were friends and I deleted you, sorry. Nothing personal -- I just want AC4 to work properly.

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I'm up for being added. psn id's same as it is here: sarahsdad

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Add me on ps4 been playing alot of this game and need more friends for fleet missions. Psn-thanatos1324

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PSN: NMeck702

I'm sharing community chests, convoys, and whale locations all day er' day! I just started doing the fleet stuff which says something about taking less time with friends. Not sure what that's about, but yeah... feel free to add me. I'm playing a lot lately.

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If anyone wants to add ImpendingFoil that would be great. I'm trying to find people to play a little bit of multiplayer with to get the trophy for playing game lab mode.

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PSN: bearwo1fshark

Yarg! indeed

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Late for the party (because EU), but added some of you, hope it's alright :)

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PSN ID: nonforma

Going to start adding people in a few.

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I wouldn't mind being added as well, this entire thing looks good so far.

My psn is shadesteper

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I just swiched from xbox to ps4 looking for friends since i know no one

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I'm looking for more ps4 friends. Feel free to add me. kurtkless

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Psn : Tipper77

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Hi, My PSN ID is HollowsRus, feel free to add me

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Hi, My PSN ID is HollowsRus, feel free to add me

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Hey everybody, just looking for the same thing everyone else is. My psn is liv2rok96. Anyone feel free to add.

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It sounds like the social stuff is also dependent on your uplay friends so might be useful to add that as well. Add me on PSN and uplay!

PSN ID: swimbuff

uplay: swimbuff

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sadisticham. Hit moi.

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verdadthat, add me!

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Stepside. Add me

Looking for help with speeding up Kenway's Fleet

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Feel free to add me, I've only ever found the white whale in the sharing after hours of sailing around.


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add me, RunicBear

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I guess I'm somewhat late to the proverbial party, but feel free to add me. guisepppe.

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Im late to this party too,.Added a few of the recent guys, Would love to play these stuff with you. Feel Free to add me with a Tagline of AC4

PSN: Zyndor

Uplay: Zyn90

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I'm stuck in the same boat can't find no blue chest or anything to share

Add me for we xould help each other

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Has anyone seen any social stuff lately? I fired it up for the first time after Freedom Cry coming out and sailed around as Edward for about an hour and haven't seen anything. Does stuff only show during an active mission?

Also, has the over 100 friend list thing been fixed yet?

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@ll_exile_ll: thanks for the tip. Do you mind deleting this post or my PSN name in it? I still get so many friend requests and its annoying with the PS4 interface to say no. Anyway, that would be awesome. Thanks

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A little late, but feel free to add with tagline ac4

PSN: Sohkgi

uplay: Sohkgi

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day587robey tagline ac4 :)

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Late, but if youre still playing!

PSN: xOverthehillx

tagline AC :)

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psn: darkjohnny47

add me.

just include "ac4 gb" in the message.

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If anyone still following this thread:

PSN: wilkie2726

Add me!

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@wilkie2726: I just bought the game also, I'll add you when I get home.

For anyone else feel free to add me also, PSN ID: Blade_Ant

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PSN: Moviepreviewguy UPLAY: Teknoplur Add me for AC4 Social Finds please!

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