Chapters as a Premium Feature?

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Adding chapters to podcasts has gotten dramatically simpler over the past couple years, to the point where I think it would be a really nice plus for the premium podcasts (at least the long ones, Bombcast/Beastcast) to have chapters. Nothing too fine grained, even just What You've Been Playing, News, E-mails would suffice for most weeks. When there's specific attention paid to a particular game, it would be nice to have it as its own chapter so if you really have no interest in it you can skip to the next section.

Almost all podcast players also have support for chapters now (even Apple's bare bones Podcast app is getting them in iOS 12), so it would be accessible by most users.

Perhaps this is just an esoteric request from a niche user. Just thought I'd throw it out there as a nice "plus" for being a premium member.

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I can understand why they don't have them. Someone would either have to scrub through the podcast after recording and write down all the timestamps or one of them would have to take notes on that as they are recording, which would distract that person and keep them a bit out of the conversation. Not to mention it might add some time between the recording and it going up for everyone who missed it live, which I don't really want. I could see it being done for the big sections, but I don't think they'd do it for individual games.

Also, if they did do them, I wouldn't want it as a premium-only thing, as that seems a bit shitty to hold behind a paywall.

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Fair enough. I already assume that Brad's going through the recording and cleaning up some of the audio and inserting the ad breaks for non-premium, so my thought would be it wouldn't take too much to note the times. For the Bombcast, that could also perhaps be something that the producer could note while the recording is occurring.

For individual games, I only meant it for those episodes where they'll kick it off by "skip ahead if you don't want to hear spoilers" when they take 20 minutes or so to talk about a recent release. Not just every small segment about a game that occurs.

I'd be interested to hear from their end of things how it would be. It really was an absolute pain in the ass to add chapters until just the past couple years; now there are several utilities that combine chapter marking with the audio export pipeline and make it quite easy.

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I'd be all for that. Seems totally doable for someone like Jan to take quick notes on times and Brad could make the chapters while editing. At least it seems simple enough. Hopefully they explore it as an option.

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But think about the 5 minutes it will take :D. Those precious 5 minutes while they could do ? To be honest i don't know what the crew do's with most off there time , It's probably watching reruns of the greatest Royal Rumbe. I know Jeff has a lot off meetings?

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They could divide the After Show into Chapters: Calls from Brinty, Emails from Brinty, Calls from Brinty Pretending to be Other People, and Calls Where the Other Person Disconnects.

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Brad is on the verge on a nervous breakdown if his Twitter is any indication, so I don't think podcast chapter breaks are a top priority at the moment.

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I can't see them doing it any time soon, but if they did it I really doubt it would be paywalled.

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The developer of the Overcast app for iOS released a podcast mp3 chapter encoder app called forecast for macOS. Maybe check it out if you're researching software. It has a feature where you can import markers from your audio editor.

"Import markers as chapters

There’s no need to manually create chapters in Forecast. Simply create markers in your audio editor as you edit your podcast, export it as a .WAV file to Forecast, and Forecast imports each marker as a chapter."