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Hey duders, the guys have been advertising squarespace lately and I have been wanting to start a blog so I went out to squarespace to start a site and use bombcast10, but it's only a 10% off code. In the ad the guys say it's a 20% off code. I even opened up a ticket with squarespace and they said it was only 10% as well.

Has anyone tried tried using the code and has anyone gotten 20% off?

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Knowing how lax the GB crew is when they do the podcast, I bet that they mistakenly said 20% when doing the ad.

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That's what I'm guessing as well.

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That's not very professional of them. I know they like to play it a little loose, and that's great, but you would think they'd at least take their partners a little seriously.

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I thought they said it was 10%

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That explains why the code is bombcast10

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I could have sworn it was 10% as well. This is the first I heard of someone saying it was 20%. I require audio proof.

Edit: No, you're right. They clearly say 20% on their previous podcast.

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@jayeh said:

That explains why the code is bombcast10

Actually I listen to quite a few podcasts that have squarespace as an advertiser, and the number is normally the current month, not the discount amount. I have heard this on several different podcasts. So the bombcast last week was October hence the number 10 at the end.

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