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So basically i just killed the bell tower guardian, ran up to the top rang the bell got my achievements then made my way back down. This time when I came into the room there was a man standing looking at me while I climbed down the ladder, he wasn't moving so I assumed it was either a statue or something that once I got off the ladder was going to try to murder me...so I murdered him. Basically as soon as I hit him a second time, he said things that made me question this decision, said I was being evil and I would regret this. Turns out I murdered the guy who gives half off on curing curses... and is also apparently the dude who I can talk to so I can revive NPC's I have killed. YUP.

On the bright side I got 2k souls from him.

So basically, does anyone know how to bring this dude back?

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reroll as deprived, be a man

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Ask him if he can revive himself.

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SO the guys name is Oswald of Carim.

Here is a video of what I am talking about:

Skip to 10:20.

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To be fair, standing like that (arms outstreched) without moving or making a noise, he's asking for it. At 3AM when I'm already on edge, that shit will freak you out.

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can't you like, replay? That doesn't happen?

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God, that stupid asshole. Bastard nearly gave me a heart attack first time I saw him. But I don't know... you can buy curse removal items from vendors, so he doesn't seem that crucial.

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@Jeffsekai: Damn that sucks. You can't revive him, he's gone. I'm pretty sure he's the only NPC that can cure curse and apparently the item that cna remove it is expensive.

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I was about to attack him too until I panned the camera around and saw that he was moving.

Though i did accidentally attack the merchant npc in the sewer that leads to the goat demon. He didn't even have the courtesy of dying to give me souls.

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I attacked him but luckily he just shrugged it off after a few minutes. Scared me half to death though so he was asking for it.

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So, you come down a ladder and see a dude just standing there, stationary but creepy - so you just run up and stab him?

Good one. Even if it was an enemy, maybe put up your shield and watch for a minute to see what it is going to attack you with. Gotta be a little more patient with this game I think.

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Dude I don't blame you. Nearly wacked him myself. I thought he was another one of those preist looking mobs that you fought on the way UP to the belltower.

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I'm an idiot and killed the NPC you find in the "Depths" thats stuck in the barrel. Got to close smashing the barrels and was using my sword instead of rolling. I hit him and he attacked me so i killed him. Thankfully he is a pyromancer trainer and I'm playing as a knight with heal spells so his death doesn't hurt me too badly. The npc you killed seems to be really focused on the multiplayer aspect of the game. He has an item that seems like it can remove an invader from your world and he allows you to remove yourself from a covenant.

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If this is anything like Demon's Souls then he's gone until your next playthrough.

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I totally would have done the same thing in your shoes.

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I did the same exact thing. Was all hyped up after killing the gargoyles after dying a few times. Rang the bell and felt like I was kicking the games ass. Then see this dude, and I turn around and do a jump attack and crush him. Then he said "You will regret this." Gah wish it didn't auto save. I guess I hope I can make it through the game without him...

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Its not as important as it seems. The show must go on... Dont restart the game, you can still get cure for curse. As for the covenant and sin aspect, its really not a big deal, if anything it makes the game more enjoyable. i have left many covenants and rejoined them without having to go to this dude (who is dead now). I havent really understood why some people see this NPC as an integral part of the game. You get your name written into some book when you sin and you get it taken out if you give him like 100k souls? Kill him, end of story. If one of those Dark moon dudes comes as he claims which hasn't happened to me and i have completed the story aspect of the game/ with my pyro, kill them you'll get some souls and maybe even a rare. I have restarted the game but not because of this, infact i plan on killing him again to spice up the game. Kratos style. If anyone has knowledge of what actually happens once he's dead, i,e, your not aloud back into covenants you've left, you cant revive other dead NPCS (big deal, deal with it), or you become a target of bounty hunters of the 'dark moon' (Easier then the discharge boss) it would be very helpful to myself and i presume others who need to know this. Thank you for your comment i hope this helps. Please remember restarting the game is good, to experiment with the other classes to see which suits you best, however this NPC is about as significant as one of those fire breathing dogs in the sewer. He is clearly evil, if your 'role playing' a hero, kill him. Its very satisfying as a pyromancer to fire wave him. Honestly i don't think i could go on in the game knowing he is around, he is one of the only NPCS you SHOULD kill in my opinion. I do ALLOT of pvp and this has had 0 effect on me. it makes it more interesting.. hmm..

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You can play on and complete the game without him ... but of all the NPCs he is the only one who can make angry NPCs be friendly again. So make absoluty sure you don't hit any other important NPC because then you're fucked.

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hello guys.

i wanna say something.

i just hate all those NPC's at first and so i just kill them all. just like in any other game and looted all their booty (raw raw didelee dee~) got souls and some loot..

sadly later on in the game i realised killing every NPC in the game wasn't such a great idea.

but i dont have any regrets because i hate people who wanna scam me with there highly illegal prices. they are ripping my souls off me. so basicly i kill them and hope on something good :).

the yellow bastard ( knight lautrec off carim )who i have freed out of his cell, he fucking killed my girl who give me fire... the fucking only NPC i fucking spared, so what i actually wanna say is karma excists. so if you free him and you see him KILL HIM!.

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Praise the sun!

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Dude worry not ... fuck that dude I never ever used him anyway so you are not bonned at all.

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Another necro by a new user. HMMM.

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He's mainly useful for reporting invaders or for purging your "sins," or resetting aggressive NPCs that you accidentally stabbed. Not all that crucial really.

Also, 2000 souls ain't nothin at any point in the game. Just saying.

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Eeeeeeh he was just asking for it. Fret not son.

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I killed the dude at the memorial that says how many times pple have died worldwide. Stupid asshole was drinking a health potion whial I was stabbing him and by mistake stabbed him off the edge of a cliff, serves him right for stopping to heal like a pussy